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Every month, any blogger/vlogger who loves Italy or is Italian or simply wants to share their memories of Italy, writes on a particular topic as part of the linkup of #DolceVitaBloggers. This month’s topic is “Favorite Italian City” and needless to say mine is Rome. So here I am sharing about my favorite Instagram-able spots in the eternal city!



Most Instagrammable Spots in Rome

People on Instagram will agree how we are almost always obsessed to click a picture with the sole intention of posting it on Instagram. We want it to be perfect- the look, the dimensions, the presentation. I too am obsessed with Instagram (not as much as I used to be before because of the darn algorithm!) so a post like this was bound to happen. Enjoy Rome from the eyes of an Instagrammer and do give a follow if you are on Instagram!

ANYWHERE IN TRASTEVERE: Just walk around in the neighborhood of Trastevere and every alley has to be photographed for the app. Take a turn anywhere, you will be gaping at the raw beauty of this side of Rome. Don’t confuse yourself to be on a movie set….It’s only Trastevere! Every corner is imperfectly perfect and ready to be Instagramm’d.

Aperitivo hour 🍹 #LetsGetSocial

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Buongiorno!! I haven't posted doors in a long time 😄 #DoorsofItaly

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ANY PLACE WITH THE COLOSSEUM IN VIEW: This will never ever go wrong. Even if the picture was upside down and you were wearing the weirdest outfit, even if the picture was blurred or wrongly placed….. But as long as you have the Colosseum as your background, I’d guarantee that you’d get double the likes than you usually do! 😉 It is the best backdrop in Rome for just about anything!

There's nothing quite like standing here..Is there??

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~All roads lead to Rome~

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STREETS FROM ALTARE DELLA PATRIA TO CAMPO DE’ FIORI: Get a city map of Rome and the next time you visit, reach Altare della Patria and take a hundred shots of the area + Roman Forum. Then move towards Campo de’ Fiori- a leisurely 20 minute walk filled with hidden backstreets that have never been discovered (on Instagram I mean). Sheer delight! You will find yourself surrounded by artists and music players and will end up photographing them and the most unusual store fronts.

Finding inspiration in incredible Rome 😍🇮🇹 #TravelerinItaly

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-I recently read an article on travel jealously/envy and how social media is responsible for it. -While I agree with it to some extent, I think most of it is self made and is born out of insecurities. Everyone came to the world for themselves and we are all trying to do our own thing. So why so much jealousy in the first place? Figure your calling. Did you ever think to notice jealousy and comparisons lead nowhere. Also, what's stopping you from doing it?? Probably you.. yourself. Social media for me is about telling my best moments to the world because that's what I choose to. And even though there are lot of things that happen on the road, everything doesn't make a part of what I want to share. Remember that travel isn't just sitting on the beach, drinking cocktails and clicking Instagrammable pics 😉 neither is any other part of social media. There is much more to it! Just widen your mind and focus on yourself🍫🍷 (Sorry for the super long caption) 🙈🙈

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". 🚲

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VIA MARGUTTA: Remember Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s movie The Roman Holiday?? Of course you do! That made you want to ride in Rome on a vespa too, didn’t it?? Well parts of the movie are shot on the historic street called “Via Margutta”. Not only is it a photographer’s dream but it is not as crowded as the rest of the city!

There is a surprise at every corner of Rome🙃 #NGTIndia

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#StylingTheSeasons in Roma 🇮🇹🍃

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EVERY PLACE IN ROME IS INSTAGRAM-ABLE: In my opinion, the whole of Rome is “Instagram-able”. Visit the famous sites early morning when the city is asleep and you will find not one but plenty of great Instagram-able spots. My favorites include The Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo. Then of course there is Trevi fountain where you have to get a picture clicked with yourself throwing a coin!

Love the enchanting Castle Sant'Angelo 😍 #RomeAndYou

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Meraviglioso! Marvelous!

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