5 Podcasts for Learning Italian

If you’re learning Italian like me and don’t live in Italy, I bet you are looking for ways to connect with the language. But what is the best way to learn Italian on your own?? This is where Italian podcasts come in picture! Podcasts are an excellent way to imbibe language learning in your day to day life. If you are regular at listening to podcasts in your target language, you can master a lot of local nuances that you can’t usually do from textbooks. These 5 podcasts for learning Italian are perfect for beginners as well as intermediates. Enjoy! 5 Podcasts for Learning Italian 1. Quattro Stagioni One of the very first podcasts I ever listened to is “Quattro Stagioni“. A podcast for A2 learners and intermediates, Quattro Stagioni is hosted by Alessandra Pasqui & … Continue reading 5 Podcasts for Learning Italian