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Ishita Sood {Italophilia}Ishita is an Indian Blogger who is in love with all things Italian. Every year, Ishita seek's new experiences and destinations in Italy; from the southernmost tip of Sicilia to the Northern parts of Piemonte. Ishita works and lives in Delhi.

Celebration of Festa della Befana in Urbania

Every year from the 4th to 6th of January, the town of Urbania becomes a fairy tale because of La Befana -an Italian tradition celebrated on January 6th. It is believed that on this day an old woman/witch delivers goodies to children, the day of the Epiphany. La Befana fills the children’s socks with delicious […]

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The breathtaking San Giovanni Battista of Cervo

Cervo, a town on the Ligurian coast, houses the  San Giovanni Battista dei Corallini (Chiesa di San Giovanni). It is one of the most striking sights I have seen after the Duomo of Orvieto! The construction of this church started in 1686 by Marvaldi from Conio along with his son Giacomo Filippo, who completed it in 1778. […]

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A Cold Afternoon in Ormea, Piemonte

It was freezing cold when I was on my way to Liguria from Turin. I was traveling with my friends and even though we had breakfast, we felt hungry as soon as we reached Ormea. A town on the Southern side of Piemonte, Ormea is close to the sea and in between the mountains. It […]

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The Elegance of Torino in 7 Pictures

I’m extremely pleased to share my published article from this month’s issue of Travel & Leisure India! This piece is doubly special to me because not only is it something I was working on since long but also because it involved one of my favorite Italian cities- TORINO! I will share a web link as […]

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Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria in Central Rome

How much is too much?? I thought of this when I entered Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria in Rome. On my Winter trip this year, I frequented this place a lot, thanks to excellent reviews by my friends in Rome. Everything lived up to the hype and I’d say Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria is a great place to eat in […]

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Learning Italian with Cinema- III

Learning Italian has become a lot more fun ever since I started watching movies to pace my journey. I love listening and understanding new words in Italian and movies offer all of that and more. I love how they also offer a peek on the local life, sitting at home in India. The way the […]

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10 Things I Hear Because I Travel to Italy

  Ladies and gents, it is time I told you what I get to hear because I travel to Italy so often. These are just random questions by friends, strangers, acquaintances and sometimes even family! This post is a mix of everything I’ve heard from 2013 (and I keep hearing) until now….It is an irony, a […]

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