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Ciao and welcome to Italophilia!!

Let’s make this simple for you- My blog is divided into different categories of the various regions of Italy I have been to. So if you are looking for information on a particular city, head to the region it is a part of.

For instance, if you are looking to read more on Rome head to the region category “Lazio” where Rome is located, and you will find all the posts on Rome there.

Similarly, Florence is in Toscana/Tuscany (Tuscany is not a town or a city), make sure you visit the “Toscana” category.

If you are looking to read books on Italian literature, travel and/or culture head to the category “Books”. For students of the Italian language, there is plenty of resource under the category “Italian Language” and tips under the category “Inspiring Community”.

You will also find a Travel Tips for offbeat small town suggestions.

If you want information on other countries apart from Italy, check the category “Rest of Europe”.

Buon Lettura! Happy Reading! 🙂