Charming Italian Words that I Love

Over the course of few months, I have read many beautiful Italian words. But some have stayed with me more than the others. What I love most about learning Italian is musical it sounds. I hope you enjoy these charming Italian words that made me fall for the Italian language even more! Here are a […]

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Drinking Coffee with James Joyce in Trieste

Trieste is an Italian city is not frequented by the regular traveler. But it should be. The mountains and the mighty Adriatic makes Trieste a very unique city and there is also that unmistakable charm since it is a port town. Trieste as a city has been known to have attracted a lot of  writers […]

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Handy Tips for a Venetian Trip

Everyone wants to visit Venice and see its uniqueness. From Ernest Hemingway to Ezra Pound to Italo Calvino to Thomas Mann, several known writers and poets have raved about this city. But let’s face it, traveling to Venice can be expensive, overwhelming and crowded. TIPS FOR YOUR VENICE TRIP Taking this cue, my fellow bloggers […]

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