The Bookstores of Vienna

Vienna…. I love this city too. You would think that I probably love every European city…It is true to some extend but there are some that you would really love to go back to. Vienna is one of them. Whether it’s art, culture or food, Vienna will charm you away!! Today I am taking you […]

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The Bookstores of Budapest

Budapest is a wonderful city with many bookstores and cafes. I was quite surprised actually because I didn’t expect them to be SO GOOD! Here are my two cents on exploring the bookstores of Budapest: The Bookstores of Budapest Atlantis Book Island: The first bookstore I visited was the Atlantis Book Island. I was probably the […]

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Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast by Margie Miklas

The month to be grateful continues. One person who I am most thankful for and who instantly comes to my mind for my Italian sojourns is Margie Miklas. A fellow Italophilie and author of 2 novels and a coffee table book, Margie is my confidante and guide. I chanced upon Margie’s blog about 2.5 years back while […]

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Ten Favorite Books on Italy

Many a times I am asked to suggest books on “Italy” and often find myself confused because it is impossible to mention just one book. Seriously the choices are plenty (not to mention fantastic) which is why it is really tough to pick just one book out of the universe. There are books on travel in Italy, it’s […]

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘In Other Words’ & A Language That Touched My Soul

Jhumpa Lahiri’s “In Other Words” is a beautiful memoir of studying the Italian language! Since I am learning Italian I could relate to many of the things she mentions in the book…It is almost unbelievable yet true that there were parts of the book where it seemed as if she was talking about my experience of learning the language […]

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Drinking Coffee with James Joyce in Trieste

Trieste as an Italian city is not frequented by the regular traveler. But it should be. The mountains and the mighty Adriatic makes Trieste a very unique city and there is also that unmistakable charm since it is a port town. Trieste as a city has been known to have attracted a lot of  writers […]

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