Visiting Ostuni: La Città Bianca

If you are in Puglia and looking for day tours or travel planning options, consider booking throuhg “Green Italy Tours“. The owner- Giovanni Fasano is my friend and is a very thorough and professional man, not to mention exceptionally kind. He took me to a lot of places in Puglia, Ostuni being another great town! […]

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A Promenade in Lecce with Espressino Travel

In Lecce I remember a magical evening spent with Lili and Robert of Espressino Travel– a boutique company that specializes in tours in the region of Puglia. We started with a walk from Piazza Sant’ Oronzo where after greetings and mutual love for Italy, I was told about Saint Oronzo- the patron saint of Lecce. We then went to […]

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My Umbrian Wanderlust in Le Ginestre Greppolischieto

Do you have a secret place in Italy that you love but wouldn’t want anyone to know about? Well I do too but it’s time I share it with you! Situated just 45 minutes away from Perugia, Le Ginestre Greppolischieto is a small borgo with only TWO inhabitants!! Yes you read that right! As you […]

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Murano: The Island With the Glass Making

Whenever I think of Veneto, the first place that comes to my mind is Venice. With Venice comes its narrow alleys and bridges, handsome gondoliers, romantic canals and stunning piazzas. Another thing that comes to mind with it are the islands that complete the Venetian lagoon. Murano is one such charming island which I had the chance […]

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An Evening in Florence with BonAppetour!

Have you heard of BonAppetour?? It is a platform that brings travellers and locals together where locals from a particular town/city become host to travellers! The locals offer an authentic foodie experience in their home for the traveler. Isn’t it a great way to make friends?? All you have to do is find whether the […]

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Castello di Miramare: Pearl of the Adriatic

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a beautiful Italian region that touches the borders of Slovenia and Austria. However, it is often overlooked by the regular traveler to Italy. I wonder why….. Friuli’s capital city is Trieste and while I was in Trieste, I made a trip to see the lone castle on a cliff –Castello di Miramare. […]

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