Lake Bled- Out of Grimms' Fairy Tale

I remember going through pictures of Slovenia before visiting it this summer (2015). Lake Bled, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country, evoked a sense of fantasy- as if it was a place right out of a Grimms’ fairy tale. Located in the town of Bled, Lake Bled is an easy day […]

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Experience the Herbal House “Slocally”

When I was in Slovenia, I was hosted by the very lovely Vesna Veliscek, the owner and founder of Herbal House in Plave, Slovenia. Vesna promotes Herbal House through her own travel company called “Slocally.” (Slovenia with the locals named rightly so) “The Herbal House” as the name suggests is a relaxing herbal experience away from […]

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Iva’s Yummy “Ljubljananjam” Food Walk

Before I retell the cold rainy day in Ljubljana when I took Iva’s Ljubljananjam  Food Walk, I must tell you why you should visit Slovenia. Its gorgeous, underrated and cheap!! The colorful architecture, famous “Pink Church”, diverse food and wines will blow your mind. And……Its Italy’s neighbor!! FOOD WALK IN LJUBLJANA Coming back to my food […]

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