The Medieval "Festa dei Ceri" in Gubbio

Every year on May 15, the town of Gubbio celebrates La Festa dei Ceri. This festival is as old as 8 centuries and loosely translates as Festival of the Candles. But there are no candles in this festival. Instead, you will see huge long wooden sticks or “Ceri” that are part of a wooden base or […]

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5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy

A couple of months back I wrote this post on 10 Charming Small Towns in Italy. I loved all your suggestions and comments on it and would like to add a few more to the ever expanding list. So here’s my two cents on 5 more charming Italian towns 5 More Charming Small Towns in […]

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10 Charming Small Towns in Italy

Who doesn’t love quaint Italian towns?? If you are in Italy or traveling there anytime soon, this list is a keeper. You will feel blessed to be in a country with so many varied choices of charming towns. Although this list is not exhaustive, it certainly includes many of my favorites. I will keep adding more small […]

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Castello di Montegiove- Umbria’s Best Kept Secret

If you are visiting Italy and looking for offbeat recommendations then I’d suggest you to head to Castello di Montegiove in Montegiove, Umbria. The 13th castle is owned and run by Lorenzo Misciattelli and his family since 4 centuries and is perched on a hill facing the stunning Apennine mountains. The castle and its surroundings give […]

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My Umbrian Wanderlust in Le Ginestre Greppolischieto

Do you have a secret place in Italy that you love but wouldn’t want anyone to know about? Well I do too but it’s time I share it with you! Situated just 45 minutes away from Perugia, Le Ginestre Greppolischieto is a small borgo with only TWO inhabitants!! Yes you read that right! As you […]

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La Scarzuola: An Umbrian Hub of Mystery & Eccentricity

Located in the Montegabbione commune of Umbria, La Scarzuola is a Franciscan convent made by a Milanese architect- Tomaso Buzzi. It consists of 7 theaters: -Theatre of Apollo -Theatre of Diana -Theatre of Bees -Theatre of the Ideal City -Theatre of the Big Lawn -Amphitheatre -Tower of the Babble Buzzi bought La Scarzuola in 1957 and […]

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