Ciao from Festivaletteratura Mantova!

I am writing this post from Mantova where all the action is happening. I am at the Festivaletteratura – an annual literature festival taking place in September. It is difficult to put into words the amount of fun and work going around me. I am so pleased to tell you that I met Julian Barnes, Sarah Waters and David Mitchell.
Check their books below:

Here are some pictures from the festival.

Prosit da Luca, Mattia e Paolo #20anni #festlet #festivaletteratura

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Men at work nel prato della mensa del festival. #festivaletteratura #festlet

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La tenda Sordello s'arrampica su Palazzo Ducale. #festlet #festivaletteratura

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Parata! In partenza #festivaletteratura #festlet #blue

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21 thoughts on “Ciao from Festivaletteratura Mantova!

  1. Italy divided in two?
    Garibaldi is tossing and turning in his grave!
    We are happy for you up above … we down here are waring our scuba equipment to go shop! We have never experianced so much water!
    Send some sun!
    Have fun …

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