Visiting Assisi in the Enchanting Umbrian Hills

The town of Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis and is a located in the enchanting Umbrian hills.

The Gates of Assisi
Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Decorative Gonfalons at the entrance
Potted plants at a retail shop
Monks on the streets of Assisi- a common sight

Assisi is laden with multi colored gonfalons hanging and at least a hundred potted plants neatly arranged outside every house. It seems like a competition as to who has the best plants tied to the windows. But all in all it gives Assisi a picturesque look!

Piazza del commune- the hub of all activity

The town’s Piazza del Commune is an uphill walk of about 15 minutes from the bus stop. It is home to the ancient Roman Temple of Minerva, an intricate fountain, cafes, bookshops and historical buildings.

The Temple of Minerva
Blue represents the most noble
Loving the gonfalons everywhere
Wine, truffles, pasta, olive oil..

The medieval Assisi is much more than the piazza. The Basilica di San Francesco is globally famous and is 100% worth visiting. It probably has the most stunning inside colors I’ve seen so far in all of Italy. After a visit to the Basilica, the food is what you hunt for. I ate a sumptuous plate of black truffles at the quaint Osteria da Santu Mangione.

In the afternoon was quiet as the locals leave for the usual siesta. But that was actually the best time because I literally had the town to myself.

Lunch- Fresh truffle with Pasta
Charming details
This was my favorite!


The color purple #notmynonni
Rooftops of Assisi
The Umbrian countryside

Assisi is definitely very charming and worth a visit!

How to Reach:

Just an hour from Perugia, one can easily reach Assisi by bus from any of the towns in Umbria. If you are coming from elsewhere (such as Tuscany) it is advisable to take the train which is at the foot of the hill in Santa Maria degli Angeli. From there, a bus to Assisi is easily available and takes 7-10 minutes.


57 thoughts on “Visiting Assisi in the Enchanting Umbrian Hills

  1. I LOVE Assisi and your photos are beautiful. Today is St Francis blessing of the animals day so we all took our doggies to my church. Well my doggie Buddy goes to church with me every Sunday but today he was blessed and given a St Francis medallion. His 4th one.

  2. Lovely pictures you’ve shared !! What a nice peaceful town.. and yes of course, truffle 😉 yum 😀

  3. Wow! I have always wondered how Assissi looked like when I read books about St. Francis. These photos are beautiful, felt like I visited a part of it through you 🙂

  4. Assisi seems such a nice town, and full of medieval history which suits me! Your photo of the Basilica is amazing, you definitely get the sense of the grandeur – and getting in the flag was a lovely detail 🙂

  5. Wonderful post Ishita! A wonderful introduction to Assisi. I would love the Piazza del commune. Are there many restaurants in that area? I would love to people watch and enjoy an espresso or a glass of wine and people watch!

    1. Thank you so much Martin 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed visiting Assisi 😉 Yes there are several caffes in the piazza but I would suggest the ones that are off the historic centre. More authentic

  6. Love it, wish our paths had crossed. Was part of the not so fun Hosted Buyers Group, but as you can tell, once a journalist and explorer, always a journalist… And while everyone else went home, guess who is still continuing her travelicious journey? Si, Io!!!

    1. Wow, lucky you then 😉 Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.. Have fun from my side. Are you still in Umbria? Have some truffles from my side, will ya!

  7. I went to a Franciscan college, and my favorite church is Santa Croce in Florence. I’ve yet to get to Umbria but have seen a cloth worn by St. Francis in Siena. For decades every dog I see calls me “Aunt Dee.” I took this path to kindness to all beings because of St. Francis. Thank you for the gorgeous photos. I will visit soon.

    1. I love the Santa Croce too! Lucky you! You are doing a great job. I think next time you are in Italy, Umbria is the place to be. Thank you for stopping by

  8. The first time I went to Assisi I didn’t like it very much. In comparison with other hill towns it was crowded, noisy and there were too many fast-food joints for my liking. But I did return a year later and had a different experience. It is still not on my list of favourite Italian places but it does have much to offer.

    1. I know what you mean. Crowded it is but you can always find yourself a corner. Love that part about it. It’s definitely not a very favorite of mine either compared to so many places in Italy but It is beautiful 🙂

  9. The marvelous photos had beautifully captured the place in Umbria and it took me to the city virtually! The enchanting architecture of the buildings makes me to add this place in my travel list. Thank you sharing the post!

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