Far From the Madding Crowd in Fiesole

If you are looking for a great day trip from Florence consider visiting Fiesole. Perched on a hill, Fiesole is a respite from the madding crowd of Florence that can get alarming in summers!

Where is Fiesole??

Fiesole is a typical small Italian town only 15 minutes from Florence. It has quaint alleys, beautiful piazze and Roman ruins (no big deal). Above all, it is peaceful!

Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole’s Piazza Mino

The town’s Piazza Mino is usually empty in the afternoon except for the owners of the Gelateria Tecano and a Bar. One can wander around aimlessly, click pictures and get gelato….Come to Fiesole with no agenda.

Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole

The only thing you should be doing is to walk uphill to the hill in front of you to see spectacular views of the Duomo of Florence that will simply blow your mind! The Duomo looks radiant but no picture can do justice.

Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole
Florence to Fiesole


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27 thoughts on “Far From the Madding Crowd in Fiesole

  1. Woww ..what a beauty !! The best about reading your posts is how descriptive yet crisp your narration is. Intriguing enough for us to plan a visit to this beautiful part of the world

  2. Lovely photos of a beautiful Tuscan town. My compliments! You mentioned wanting to visit the Roman Amphitheater. Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote a few years back relating to painting in Italy/Fiesole.
    In the main part of town beyond the Duomo, in Via Marini you’ll find the entrance to the Teatro Romano. Built in the first century BC, this amphitheater is equipped to seat three thousand spectators. It was excavated at the end of the last century and is in such a good state of repair that it’s used for various theatrical and musical performances. As you arrive at the theater, you are at the top looking down onto the stage. Also from these upper seats there are views that beg to be painted. It’s an ideal spot to easily set up and paint the theater stage and the panorama behind it. Can you imagine anything much more remarkable than sitting in the same seat as Roman spectators sat over 2,000 years ago and drawing or painting the same view they witnessed? Okay, so maybe the trees have grown a bit higher on the distant hills during these past 2,000 years, but let’s not allow trivial details to spoil the mood.
    Take time for a picturesque stroll to the outskirts of Fiesole and wander down the narrow Via Vecchia Fiesolana to the hamlet of San Domenico. This is another “must stop to paint” location, not only for it’s charm and amazing views, but also the local folks love artists who venture outside Florence to paint its environs. You will no sooner open your sketchpad or set up your easel, than a mini crowd will form to see what has caught your fancy. No matter what you have decided upon, there will be at least four or five other opinions on what you should have chosen. It’s always all in good fun and offers of wine, soda, water, cheese, panini, and etc. will no doubt abound. You may not get much painted, but you will have a wonderfully memorable experience.
    Buon viaggio!

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