Mercato di Capo: A Legendary Market of Palermo

If you visit Palermo and do not see its historic markets you probably haven’t seen the city. Food is an important part of the Italian culture and being around it, would make you understand the passion behind it. Palermo is particularly known for its crazy markets and even though the fruit and vegetable might be organized, the fun of seeing the Sicilians shout and swear is a different experience altogether. At home, when I visit vegetable markets, I love the chatter and noise that surrounds them. Palermo reminded me of just that. The market of Capo (Mercato di Capo) in Palermo is one that I really loved! The city actually has four historic markets that were established by the Arabs.

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

When I reached in the morning, it was already bustling with people. So many Sicilians and the sound of the Italian language was enough to give me a high early morning. The singing melody of their language, sometimes loud and sometimes rude was such a treat to the ears!
There was a huge amount of seafood display around me and that is one thing I usually don’t enjoy because of the strong smell. But I saw locals so casual around it all, trying to get the best of the Sicilian fish for their pranzo/cena (lunch/dinner) and bargaining at their best. A group of ladies were having fresh fruit at the side and there was another man talking to one of the sellers.
Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

It was fun being in the centre of it all, not buying anything but just observing. A stall of vegetables with purple cabbages caught my eye because I don’t get to see them so commonly in India. Also, the Sicilian tomatoes were so seductive! They were gleaming from afar. I soon busied myself with a big piece of Sfincione=focaccia+olive oil+tomatoes+onions+pepper. Buonissimo!!!!!
After that I got a fruit cup of strawberries and peaches which I absolutely devoured. It turned out to be one of the best mornings in Palermo that I will fondly remember.
Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Mercato di Capo, Palermo

Via Porta Carini, Palermo.
Monday- Sat: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday- 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m

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36 thoughts on “Mercato di Capo: A Legendary Market of Palermo

  1. I totally get about not pulling out your phone inside, I went to the market up by the train station and don’t have a single photo, it was crazy bedlam with people on motorini riding through the crowds, no helmets, talking on cell phones, only one hand on the handlebars, and all the shouting and yelling and pushing…having said that it is a wonderful exhilarating educational experience…

  2. I could not imagine being in any part of Italy and not visiting their local markets. I love the markets. I love everything about them particularly the feel of being a part of the local scene. I always manage to find something to buy and smile the entire time. I practice my Italian and I have my own little party.

  3. Ishita,you’ve created another beautiful, virtual trip to Italy in this post. The photos are gorgeous and you really give us a sense of the places you visit. On that note, I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blog Award because your posts are unique and I wanted you to know I really enjoy reading each one. You don’t have to accept – totally up to you – just wanted to show my appreciation for what you do. Cheers!

  4. Your post touches on all of the things I love the most about European markets. The colors, street sounds, languages, all to take in on a beautiful sunny day make my spirit soar. Thanks for the reminder on this cold and dreary day in Germany.

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