Montegiove – A Hidden Corner of Umbria

If you are in Umbria, do stop at the little hamlet of Montegiove. It is a village of 60 people and the surroundings will enchant you. Montegiove is located only 3 kms away from the eccentric park, La Scarzuola. It has a tiny piazza, a bell tower and a single bar!! Yes only ONE BAR!

Montegiove: The only bar in town
Montegiove: Artichokes?
Montegiove: Bell Tower
Montegiove: Old V/S New


The lady inside the Bar was very kind and provided me with rich Umbrian delicacies sitting outside with a spectacular view of the countryside. I ordered from a handwritten menu! The panino and artichokes that I ate there were one of the best I ate in my entire trip.

Montegiove is a retreat from all the other towns of Umbria; quiet place to plan an Italian holiday. Just 45 minutes from Perugia and about 2 hours from Florence, this town deserves a visit. It is also near to the beautiful Citta del Pieve!

In my opinion taking a tour of the Castello di Montegiove and then staying at their B&B is the perfect option to explore this area. To know more about my experience at the Castello check here.

Montegiove: Laminated handwritten menu
Montegiove: The only Bar in the village

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19 thoughts on “Montegiove – A Hidden Corner of Umbria

  1. Hi Ishita, your new blog is looking great already. Gosh you have only just started it and already you have 1926 followers. That is wonderful.. Great work.

    1. Thanks Lyn, actually wordpress also takes into account my Twitter followers 🙂 so 1926 includes my twitter ppl too 😀 Thank u for saying its looking great!

  2. The artichoke dish would be worth the visit itself. Add in all the other wonderful aspects of Montegiove and you’ve got a real treasure. I haven’t been anywhere in Umbria yet, but this town will be on the itinerary.

    1. Thanks for following along Shilpa 🙂 I did not, I relied on buses and trains. And they are the best. Very good system of buses in Umbria though strikes are common but thankfully didn’t have to face 🙂

  3. I’ve just made lasagne last night and will be posing the recipe next week along with a post on Florence and Sienna – especially for you. I love artichokes and we ate artichoke pizza in Cortona – I SO want to go back……….

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