The Literary Town of Recanati

Recanati in Le Marche is a literary town of/for/by the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. I say that not only because Leopardi was born here but also because he spent a majority part of his life writing poems inspired by the town. Even though Leopardi had a conflicting relationship with Recanati, one of his most famous poems […]

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Charming Italian Sentences I Love

Many of you who have stuck around on Italophilia for long know that I did posts on Charming Italian Words. Those posts were a hit because they connected with people who are either in Italy or Italians or just fellow Italophilies like me! Today I go a notch higher to see some phrases/sentences that I love using. I have […]

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Szabó Ervin Library: Every Reader's Dream

Every person’s style of traveling is different and we must respect that. For instance, when I was in Budapest, my friend recommended me to visit many museums that I was not interested in seeing. So I skipped some of them and instead did my favorite thing- visited bookstores and libraries! Szabó Ervin Library Budapest’s Metropolitan […]

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Visiting the Castle Hill in Budapest

Did I say how much I loved Budapest?? Okay I probably did but here’s another post to prove my point 😉 The Fisherman’s Bastion at the Buda side of the city is situated on Castle Hill. It is a unique monument whose name comes from the fishermen who defended the walls in the Middle Ages. The […]

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Things I Love About Travel

-Discovering new places, cuisines, history, culture ….   -Breaking mundane routines and making your own. -Challenging yourself to things you never imagined. -Sharing travel stories with strangers. -Making check list and ticking each one as it’s achieved. -Learning words of the local language. -Knowing others’ point of view for a new vision -Enjoying a cake twice a […]

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More Charming Italian Words that I Love

I have been learning Italian for about a year now and over the course of time I have not only studied some amazing words but also loved them. Many of my random favorite words were initially part of this post few months ago. Today I have another list for you and also a fix on learning […]

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