Things I Love About Travel

-Discovering new places, cuisines, history, culture ….

-Breaking mundane routines and making your own.
-Challenging yourself to things you never imagined.
-Sharing travel stories with strangers.
-Making check list and ticking each one as it’s achieved.
-Learning words of the local language.
-Knowing others’ point of view for a new vision
-Enjoying a cake twice a day. Just because…
dsc04877-Planning a new trip as soon as you are back from one.
-Receiving your Visa papers.
-Packing a picnic basket for a trip with family.
-Having more Coffee/Tea than required.
-Glimpsing towns from the sky.
-Feeling WOW on being at thirty thousand feet.
-Sleeping till late.
-Reading in a foreign land.
-Partying at a hostel with random people.
-Appreciating life is general.
-Celebrating festivals with locals.
-Having friends from across the world.
-A stranger passing a smile.

-Finding new things about yourself each day.

“If not now, when?”

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46 thoughts on “Things I Love About Travel

  1. I agree with all of these points and especially like -Having friends from across the world. Here is a quote for you, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” St. Augustine
    Happy travels!!

  2. Great post, Ishita! I can totally identify with all of the points here and I bet you could add another ten things too! I especially like the part about meeting new people and always remember our meeting in Venice. I love the photos too!

  3. “If not now, when? If not you, who?” I saw this on a wall in Maribor, Slovenia (and posted on my first blog.) I like your points of view and travel. Wishing you many splendid adventures ahead!

  4. Ditto! I’ve taken that same perspective towards travel and have enjoyed similar experiences. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. I’ve got a back injury right now preventing me from travel so have to enjoy it through others right now. 🙂

  5. Wonderful Ishita!! You seem to always live to the fullest on any trip – kudus to you!! I always enjoy reading of your trips and how adventurous you are in you’re solo travels.
    Food….I seem to always manage to eat more sweets when I am on vacation ha ha.
    I am hoping desperately to return to Italy next year. Money, health etc all needs to come together so it can happen

  6. Ishita, love your photos, especially the ones of us all in Venice! What happy memories..I will always hold that time we first met as so special. Your little voice, “Susan?” as you approached me. So sweet! Travel does teach you a lot about yourself.

      1. Hi Ishita, no problem…it was magical in Venice. I will never forget it. I will return to Italy this October 10th to Milan and Tuscany, and Sicily. Excited:):) How about YOU??

  7. Great post and I totally agree!! There are so many things I’ve brought from my love of travel into my everyday life. It’s incredible how much better life is when we make every week an adventure, not just when we’re travelling!

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