Visiting the Castle Hill in Budapest

Did I say how much I loved Budapest?? Okay I probably did but here’s another post to prove my point 😉
The Fisherman’s Bastion at the Buda side of the city is situated on Castle Hill. It is a unique monument whose name comes from the fishermen who defended the walls in the Middle Ages. The entire area on Castle Hill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also houses the Buda Castle, gothic styled Mathhias Church and National Gallery of Hungary. Completed in the 13th century, the Buda castle is one of the most imposing structures of Budapest.

Fisherman’s Bastion from the Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Saving a few euros and hiking the hill

The Parliament is visible from so many places. WOW!

Reaching the Castle Hill in Budapest is very easy as there are several options to chose from. You can walk, take a bus (No 16) or get the funicular. I chose the first one as it was a short walk and I could stop to see the amazing views of the city!

The statue of King Mathhias

The entire area is like a small town that also includes a five star hotel and a Starbucks.
Mathhias Church

Fisherman’s Bastion

The Danube separating the city in two

The view of the Parliament gets better as you walk towards Pest

Castle Hill in Budapest

There are many expensive shops in the area sell “Hungarian” goods but I didn’t know the authenticity of them so I chose to ignore. The Buda Hill is very intriguing and well kept and walking back to Pest I noticed how quiet that side of the city was compared to the hustle and bustle of the Pest side.
I had no idea about the history of Hungary and got curious to know more after visiting Buda Castle. So after my visit, I stopped at a bookshop to read more on Budapest.
Castle Hill in Budapest

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28 thoughts on “Visiting the Castle Hill in Budapest

  1. Your posts are bringing back great memories for me. I loved my visit to Castle Hill. I included these sites in my book, Amanda on the Danube.

  2. We were here yesterday and absolutely loved it – we finished our Budapest Tuktuk Tour here which I would also highly recommend. We also had 11pm cocktails and dessert in New York Cafe which you recommended too- great stuff. The city has surprised me a little…. It’s far from what I was expecting. Not in a good way… Or a bad way… It’s just come at me sideways. I’ll need to digest when Im home before I reach any conclusions…. Off to the spa today and then for an evening cruise. Bring it on! Looking forward to reading more from you.

    1. That is awesome Carl. I hope the end results of your thinking are good 🙂 I have a feeling they will be. Enjoy your cruise and relaxing time. Till when are you there?? I have several posts lined up for the entire month.

  3. Budapest is definitely on my list! Thanks for all your posts! Also the roof of that church looks amazing!

  4. I can’t believe it has already been six months since I was there but thanks for bringing back the memories. One hidden gem on Castle Hill is the Hospital In The Rock – an actual hospital that took advantage of the natural tunnels underneath Castle Hill and then expanded on them. It was originally used during World War II but was put into service again during the siege of Budapest. As late as the 1980s medical staff trained here in case of nuclear war!
    Also, if you can stay on Castle Hill after dark the photos of Buda Palace as well as looking down across the Danube are spectacular. I can’t even imagine how much money is spent lighting up all the buildings and bridges but it’s money well spent as they are just gorgeous.

    1. You are right. I never thought the effort and money that goes to light it all. Maybe next time I will check the Hospital. So much history of the War. amazing

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