Visiting Ostuni: La Città Bianca

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Ostuni: La Città Bianca

Known as The White City or La Città Bianca, Ostuni is a an amalgamation of white houses on a hill top. It is quite a sight from afar and on a clear day, Ostuni shines! The white washed houses give a sense of  calm and summery Greek vibes.

The White City

Ostuni: Don’t think any picture will do justice

Ostuni has a buzzing piazza full of souvenir shops. You could start with the town’s main cathedral-Santa Maria Assunta and then take a walk elsewhere. Everything is so near and easily walk able. A stop at a Bar helps as it gives opportunity to talk to the locals. Then after your are energized with a quick cappuccino, keep walking and stop to click more pictures of those insanely white streets. Say Buongiorno to everyone and they will return it back!
Ostuni: The White City

Ostuni: The White City

Ostuni: The White City

Ostuni: The White City

Ostuni: The White City

Santa Maria Assunta in Ostuni

Do You See the Sea?

Ostuni: The White City

Ostuni: The White City

A fancy restaurant where actors supposedly come to dine in Ostuni

How to Reach:

Ostuni has a train station but it is a little far from town. I would recommend hiring a car or taking a tour with a local agency. I found this Masseria (countryhome) to be very pretty in Ostuni. Worth a glance!

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55 thoughts on “Visiting Ostuni: La Città Bianca

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post. I’ve been visiting and blogging several places new for me recently including Padova. This is so beautiful. The south of Italy really looks different from the north. Can’t wait to explore more of the south this summer.

  2. Your pics are more real than most photo-shopped and edited pictures that I see around. Feels like you have visited these places with you…

  3. your whole Blog and especially your real natural photos are a treat for ones eyes. La citta bianca (B. is also the name of our eldest daughter) this city really glows from the distance against that blue sky. Sadly I have never been there, For the past 14 years alone my husband and I have been to Italy nearly every year. Milan, Padova, Venice, Firenze and many towns nearby and flying out back to India again via Roma. But from now on it will only be Padova (unfortunately can not make San Antonio’s Feast Day), Venice, Torcello and Roma – alltogether 3 weeks. For the rest I have to feast off your beautiful site. Grazie, Cara.
    btw – I am following you now and also, have you written about Padova?? Can not find an article here. Ciao, Carina

    1. Thank you, Carina. How nice of you to say that. Sadly haven’t been to Padova yet. Recommend me some nice places to eat/stay in Padova next time I visit Italy. 14 years and every year is WOW! inspiring 🙂 thanks for stopping by and following..ciao 🙂

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