Ispirazione: Learning Italian through Instagram

I have a very special guest on Italophilia! We have known each other for over a year and been in touch thanks to none other than Instagram!! Peeps, say hello to my friend Elfin Waters! A passionate Italophilie who hails from Gaeta in Lazio, Elfin lives in Cremona and teaches English and Italian at Italki.  Today, […]

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Lots More Charming Italian Words I Love

No matter what social media brings to us whether its picture sharing through Instagram, 280 character thoughts through Tweets or pinning photos on Pinterest, there is nothing that can replace the joys of writing a blog. For that I am particularly grateful because I have made a lovely circle of friends here, some of whom […]

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Italy Travel: Things to Know

Italy is a country full of wonderful people who go out of the way to help you. I have so many instances where I have been assisted by complete strangers. Incidences like these make travel memorable and also makes Italy the prime reasons for return. But traveling to any country = understanding a new culture […]

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