Hi there!! I am Ishita from India and am passionate about Italy & everything Italian.



Italophilia is a quite simply the admiration and emulation of Italian lifestyle, culture and people.

I chose this name for my blog because it defines me completely….!!

And today Italophilia is the Biggest and only Indian blog on Italy.


I fell in love with Italy’s rich history, architecture,  food and people many years ago… Since then I have been reading, writing and traveling to the country. I feel a connection with Italy that is inexplicable and beautiful.

Italy has become a vital part of my life ever since.

Call it destiny!! 😉 Currently, I am learning the Italian language to enhance my travel experiences and delve a little more into the culture. Learning Italian has sparked a different side in me and I am very thrilled to be sharing this adventure with you all.

Thanks for all the love….!

Until next time,


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    1. Thank you so much guys! I am very new to WordPress and am still figuring how to transfer all my Blogger posts. Your wishes are appreciated 🙂

  1. Hello Ishita,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hope you enjoyed the posts.

    So nice to find you here and looking forward to read more from/on Italy…

    Have a great time 🙂

  2. I love your love of Italy! I went on a tour through Florence, Venice, Verona, Rome, and Assisi, with my parents during my high school senior year spring break, and your essays make me want to go back today! I can’t wait to see more of your work!

    P.S. Thank you so much for liking my Perfect-for-a-Party Popcorn Chicken piece! I hope I can do for you with the American South what you do for me with Italy!

    1. That is such a flattering message, I re-read it 3 times. It just made my DAY! <3 thank you, grazile mille like the Italians say 😉 I am glad I can give you instant wanderlust.. I am sure your pictures and essays will do the same for me for the American South 😀

  3. Ah I am SO glad that you stopped by my blog – I too LOVE Italy, but alas, I live in France, but maybe you might enjoy learning a little about France via my blog, which essentially ‘Franglais’ cooking, but often than not, includes photos and little cultural stories on my life in France. I am going to begin to follow you and we can be Italy ‘anoraks’ together………a bientot. Lindy x

    1. I am glad too, it was just by chance 🙂 Loved it! Have never been to France maybe next time. Thank you for the follow. Looking fwd to your stories 😀

  4. If you woudl like to read/see a little more on France, then my posts on ‘Gateau au Yaourt and Lake Annecy’, Eggs Mimosa, Poulet a la Provencale and Saint Pal de Vence, and Grated Carrot Salad and Chateau de Monte Christo’ are good places to begin without trawling through lots of posts. There is also a section on the site -‘Paris on a Budget’ which is just about Paris, where I live – but I much prefer Sienna!

  5. Hey there, thanks for checking out my Bergamo post! I highly recommend checking out Bergamo next time you get the chance.. It’s a stunning city. And beautiful blog! I can definitely appreciate your love for Italy haha. Ciao for now xx

  6. because you chose Trieste as your fav? 😉 It’s a matter of personal preference, but seeing where you’ve travelled in Italy I’d guess you’d have picked another town

    1. Haha. I like your honesty 😀 Its so much fun chattign with you coz you understand Italy 😉 🙂 and yes coz Trieste is not typically Italian. It has hints of everything.

      1. Right?:) Trieste was very much under Austrian rule which is evident in its architecture but also I’d dare say in the mentality of the people. Did you know that Trieste is considered to be the oldest town in Italy by its population? A lot of retired ppl there

    1. I have recently moved from Blogger and loving WordPress. You may find lot of my earlier posts not in proper format due to blogger issues. Don’t mind!

  7. What a great way for me to rekindle my love of La Stupida Italia, as I like to call it. It’s not difficult to find the beautiful in Italy, but it’s great that you share the love, Look forward to reading you 🙂

      1. Because Italy is an incredible, beautiful country but most Italians don’t deserve it. I’m just a little bitter for not being able to live there in peace 🙂

  8. Ishita, thank you for the ‘like’ on my Monterosso post. And, thank you for introducing me to your blog. It is a lovely pleasure. Certainly, it is easy to fall in love with Italy!

  9. Thanks again for the Likes, Ishita. I’m off to Le Marche in a couple of days and will have lots to blog about – including the forecast cyclone. I’m a bit nervous about what state I’ll find our house in – something else for the blog!

  10. Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my site. Although my blog is about mostly Italian food, your country and its cuisine has always had a special place in my heart too.

    1. You don’t have to say. I love everything Italian and yours gives the best peek into the lifestyle. Hope to visit turin someday. Maybe we could meet for a bicerin? 🙂 so nice to hear that you love my country. Kindred souls we are <3

  11. Hi Ishita,

    Thank you for always liking my posts! I’ve started following you and I enjoy reading your posts. I’m glad you found my blog and that you also have an interest in Italy 🙂 If you ever come back to Italy I hope you’ll make it to Tuscany again as there are many wonderful places to see!

      1. Yes, definitely. Near my town there are a few I’ve visited and I will be blogging about them. I also have my growing travel list of places I’d like to visit in Tuscany, which I could probably turn into a post! Thanks for the inspiration 😀

  12. Thanks for liking my posts! I also love Italy and have several more restaurants from this last trip to post and will collect some from Rome soon! I look forward to reading your posts.

  13. Hi Ishita, thanks for liking our post from Siena!
    Although we are living in France we are visiting Italy often, as we did this fall during a road-trip in Tuscany. We love Italy too!

  14. Just like you, I love Italy, so it was nice to get to know your blog. Oh, and thank you for taking a look at mine too! I will have stories from Italy too in the future. As you know, it is well
    worth writing about…

  15. Such a beautiful website you have created. I too, love Italy. Looking forward to following your travels. You have already got me interested in several new places to explore. Thank you.

  16. Hi Ishita, thanks for liking my post about some of the major mistakes I made in Italy, I’m glad you found it entertaining! I really like your blog, it’s full of passion for this country! I’ll definetely stop by again in the future, would be happy to welcome you to my blog as well, there will be some more stories coming up about my current life in Tuscany 🙂 Safe travels and thanks a lot!

  17. Ciao Ishita,
    your page “Travel Tips-Italy” is amazing. I smiled a lot reading it (all the tips are very good!!!). It is fun to read about how your own country is perceived by foreigners!!

    “Pizza is not cut into slices in Italy” 😀 😀 😀


  18. Hello, Ishita;

    Thank you so much for stopping by and giving a like to my recent book review on my Beyond Prague blog.

    It’s great to find another blogger with a dedicated site to one country.

    I’ll be following you with interest. 🙂

  19. Nice blog! I, too, am a fan of ‘things Italian’ … Scuderia Ferrari, lasagne, Pavarotti, ice cream, Rossini, Sophia Loren, Fellini, one of the most rousing National Anthems I know and the lovely snuggly fleece top I bought in Venice. All these things more than forgive the Fiat Strada I once had, which was the biggest PoS I ever owned!

      1. My first car was an old ‘Topolino’; I’ve had a 128 and a 131; I just wasn’t keen on the Strada … it started to rust before it was a year old & I got rid as soon as I could. I’m driving a Renault at the moment, but casting eyes towards an Alfa Romeo. Need to convince the wife, though.

  20. Ciao, Ishita! Thanks for reading my post about doing touristy things in Italy on My Dear Wonder. I’m brand new to blogging but I look forward to swapping more stories about the Bel Paese with you in the future. Take care!

  21. Touching how much you love my homeland. I have been hating it my whole life 🙁 Only now, as a 40 something “girl”, I have started appreciating it. Why? Simply because I have no other way, just see it through pink lenses, just like a tourist. So lately I began wandering and walking from town to town, even my own, sipping all the beauty of them. Not taking into consideration the struggles of the everyday life in a Country where bureaucracy and dishonesty are a steady constant habit. Unfortunately.

    1. Dearest Dom, its the same in my country too. Unfortunately there isn’t much left except to make the most of what you have. I know there is a lot behind what you have said and I understand it. But I am glad you are soaking in what you have because trust me, people will do anything to swap a day to live there. Italy is a beautiful country and most importantly has beautiful people.

      1. Your words are so much appreciated. Thank you so much! I hope to come to India once in my life. And love it as much as you love my Country. Thank you again!

        1. I hope you can see the silver lining. Btw which region are you from? I love everything about Italy so its hard to argue with me 😉 Thank you. Please do visit my country! You won’t regret.

          1. Friuli Venezia Giulia. The most undiscovered Italian region… and also the most beautiful! 😉 Come and see!

          2. If you can go to Collio and then Pordenone. Not tourist routes. But the most beautiful! 🙂

  22. Thank you for checking out my blog and giving me the opportunity to learn more about you. You have a great blog — what a find. I am fortunate to know of your blog and the next time I travel to Italy I will certainly use the wonderful tips and tricks. Bella!

  23. Italy is my love! I know how you feel because I feel the same way. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the like. I am looking forward to following your posts, recognizing familiar sites and enjoying new ones. Grazie Mille!

  24. Hi! Thank you for visiting and reading one of my posts about Rome. Love your blog and keep on writing about Italia, I share the same love for the country and wish to explore more! <3

  25. Thanks for reading my blog on Dubai, since our last conversation and your advise, I wrote more 🙂

    Your posts are the best. I am so encouraged to visit Italy someday 🙂

          1. That would be great!
            It’s a beautiful part of Italy that foreign tourists bypass and are hell-bent on travelling to Sicily…a well-kept secret. 😉

          2. Well I Love Sicily so no comments there 😉 Are you there for another year? Hoping to come next yr then. This year is already planned and waiting to fly now

      1. Interesting how someone who’s father was born here and not asking for hand-outs is treated like this. But then others seem to waltz into this country feeling like they’re owed everything and expect nothing less. I see this daily here…

  26. One of my favorite countries, everything about it is delightful! Great to see your love for the country 🙂
    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!

  27. Greetings from The Netherlands! First of all, thank you for dropping by my site. If only we can all move to beautiful Italy :-). Love this picture of you with that Fiat! I posted one in my latest blog so I will always go back to view it again and again as a reminder that “little things mean a lot”. Keep writing!

    1. Ciao! happy to hear from you. Thanks for the picture. I got a photo shoot in Rome and can’t get enough of the pics. I will check your Fiat picture now. Loved the Gondolfo post. Must get there next time..

      1. Thanks, Ishita, for reading my stuff :-). If you’re still in India, I’ve been to Madras & Mahabalipuram in the south. I love the colourful sari’s the women wear! Wish I can go back again one day.

        1. Pleasure ! I am an Indian and I work in Delhi. It is a beautiful country but it is also very big. I have yet to see the side of Madras and Mahabalipuram 🙂 So glad you loved it.

          1. I love Shimla and we stayed at Eastbourne hotel something. I have to dig up my old photos and guess what, I came home with so much stuff from block-print bed covers to gold-embroidered fabrics that I even bought a wedding Sari without knowing it and wore it to a concert of Julio Iglesias. Me and my bright red dari sparkling with gold!😁

          2. That is great, I have been to that hotel several times due to events and marriage ceremonies. Your sari sounds so pretty to me. I know the type you got.. Hoping to see pics someday.

          3. I love Shimla! We stayed at the Eastbourne hotel. I have to dig up my old photos! I bought so much stuff including a sari I wore to a Julio Iglesias concert, unaware it was a wedding sari. There was me glowing in my deep red attire with golden embroidery!😂

  28. Hello Ishita and thanks for stopping by our blog. You have many interesting posts that I will look into. Much good luck to you and we’ll be glad to see you next year in Chianti !.

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