F. A. Q.

I know curiosity gets the better of everyone at times! If you are curious about my Italian story, below are some answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions. These will help you know me a little better. Thanks for taking out the time to visit!


What’s your name and where are you from??

Hey there! I am Ishita Sood and I belong to the city of Shimla in the North of India.

How did your love affair with Italy begin??

My love affair began years ago when I went to Europe and explored Italy for a few weeks. On returning home, I deeply missed Italy and felt something was missing. Ever since then, I have felt the need to return to Italy constantly. The rest is as they say is history! Read here to know more.

How did you start blogging about Italy??

It was by pure chance that I wanted to keep a diary to write about my experiences of Italian travel. So I thought why not make it digital?? Italophilia was a mere diary that I thought no one would be interested to read. In no time, I was proved wrong.

Do you stay in Italy??

No, I work and stay in India.

How often do you travel to Italy??

Every chance I possibly get and make! In 2016 I went twice. Usually I visit once a year but there are a lot of factors to make a decision.

Do you ever think of moving to Italy??

Surprisingly, no. Maybe for a short while – say 3 or 6 months. But not forever. India is my home and I plan to stay here and enjoy Italy from here.

Can you help me plan a trip if I want to visit Italy??

Of course! I work as a Freelance Travel Consultant and help plan trips to Italy for an authentic and unique experience. Contact me here for your Italian queries/suggestions/advice. In case you want to get a full itinerary let me know and I will share the quote! For now do check my free guide on 3 DAYS IN ROME