A BIG BIG thanks to you for taking out the time to read Italophilia. I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions to help you to know me a little better!!

Where am I from??

Hi all! I’m from the gorgeous city of Shimla in India. I have been born and brought up in India and have been living here my entire life! I currently live in Gurgaon which is 40 minutes from New Delhi.

How did your love affair with Italy begin??

My love affair with Italy began in 2013 while traveling to Italy with a friend. I remember vividly that on returning home, I felt as if a part of me was missing. Italy feels like a piece of me and I know that there is a very deep and inexplicable connection with the country and it’s people. Read here to know more.

How did you start blogging about Italy??

Well honestly, I started Italophilia as a diary after my first trip. I thought it would be nice to write about my Italian sojourns. Italophilia was a name I almost randomly picked because it suited me perfectly.

Once I started to blog, people began reading about my travels. And I thought why not keep writing! Blogging is now a big part of my life and I’m grateful for the online community and connections I have made. Thanks to each and every one of you reading Italophilia today!

Do you live in Italy??

No, contrary to popular belief, I don’t live in Italy. But I do travel every year or almost every chance I get! I explore old and new towns and also try to visit my friends there!

Do you ever think of moving to Italy??

Not really! Maybe for a short while – say 3 or 6 months, but definitely not forever. India is my home where my family is. I plan to stay and enjoy Italy from here because this ways, I have the best of both worlds – two of the most beautiful and rich cultures.

I hope these questions helped knowing a little more about me. Feel free to contact me for anything else! Thanks for visiting Italophilia! 

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  • rajesh
    December 21, 2020 at 9:57 am

    Your Blog is very interesting, especially for those indians who love travelling mainly to Italy. There is lots of information for travellers about Italy, however, i just suggest you to include more descriptions of places in Italy like Genoa (Birthplace of Cristopher ), Cinque Terra, Siena, Lucca, Lake Como, Dolomites. Most of us indians just visit Rome, Florance, Venice and Milan.
    I have been to all the above places and it is wonderful.

    • Italophilia
      December 21, 2020 at 10:25 am

      Hi Rajesh thanks for the appreciation on the blog. It means a lot 🙂

      There’s a North Italy guide for you to check out-

      Also not yet sure if you’ve read my post on Genoa and Cinque Terre. Please do search the blog to read them. I only write about places I’ve traveled to which is why there isn’t yet a post on Como and the Dolomites. I have yet to visit there! Cheers!

      I have


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