F. A. Q.


What’s your name and where are you from??

My name is Ishita Sood and I am from Shimla- a city in the North of India.

How did your love affair with Italy begin??

It all started years ago when I went for a trip to Europe and explored Italy for a few weeks. On returning home, I felt something was missing and the rest is as you say, history! Read here to know more.

How did you start blogging about Italy??

I wanted to keep a diary to write my thoughts and experiences of my travel. So I thought why not make it digital?! Italophilia was a result of it and sooner than I thought, my blog started to get popular.

Do you stay in Italy??

No, I stay in Gurgaon- a part of Delhi NCR.

How often do you travel to Italy??

Every chance I get and can possibly make. This involves time, effort and funds. So as of now, I travel to Italy every year.

Do you ever think of moving to Italy??

Surprisingly, no. Maybe for a short while – say 3 or 6 months. But not forever. India is home and I plan to stay here.

Can you help me plan a trip if I want to visit Italy??

Yes, of course! I work as a Freelance Travel Consultant and help people to plan their trips to Italy for an authentic and unique experience. Contact me here for your queries and to get a quote!

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