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“Curiosity killed the cat” is an old saying but very true! If you have been curious of my life, I’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions to help you to know me a little better….. 😉 Big thanks and a virtual hug to you for taking out the time to visit!


What’s your name and where are you from??

Hey there! As you probably know from the blog link (www.ishitasood.com) my name is Ishita Sood. I am from the city of Shimla in the North of India.

How did your love affair with Italy begin??

My love affair began years ago when I visited Italy for a few weeks. On returning home, I felt a deep connection to Italy and felt the need to return. I have been traveling every year since then. Read here to know more.

How did you start blogging about Italy??

It was by pure chance! I only wanted to keep a diary to write about my Italian sojourns so I thought why not make it digital??! Italophilia was a name I randomly picked because it suited me perfectly.

Do you stay in Italy??

No, I work and stay in India.
How often do you travel to Italy??
Every chance I possibly get! In 2016 I went twice. Usually, I visit once every year.

Are your travels sponsored??

By God’s grace and thanks to my readers for making this blog what it is, my travels are partly sponsored by various collaborators who graciously offer to host me. I am so happy that they see Italophilia as a market to showcase their products and services.

Do you ever think of moving to Italy??

Surprisingly, no. Maybe for a short while – say 3 or 6 months. But not forever. India is my home and I plan to stay and enjoy Italy from here.

Can you help me plan a trip if I want to visit Italy??

Of course! I work as a Freelance Travel Consultant and help people plan their Italian trips for an authentic and unique experience. Contact me for your future Italian queries/suggestions/advice and I will share a quote!

What is the Disclosure policy on your blog??

Disclosure Policy is simply to tell you that Italophilia is a participant of the affiliate advertising program by Amazon India. It is a method for the blog to grow and earn advertising fees by adding links from Amazon. In case any of you buy products listed on my blog from the Amazon links, I will receive a small commission (at no cost to you_.

Hope this helps!

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