Plan Your Trip to Italy!

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Traveling to Italy??

But feeling overwhelmed, lost and confused??

I completely know that feeling! There’s so much to see and do in Italy!

Which is why I offer full itinerary planning services to streamline your travel. Do you require travel tips, recommendations and off the beaten path suggestions?? A possible list of places to stay and eat??

Say hello to your Online Travel Consultant!!

With my years of experience of traveling to Italy, I am now offering “Customized Travel Planning Services” to create an unforgettable Italian holiday for you!


Step 1:

Send your query using the contact form below.

Step 2:

On receiving your query, I will share the Consulting fee as per the length of the trip. I charge INR 10K ($150) for planning a two week customized trip. If the length of your trip is more than 2 weeks, the charges increase to 18K ($260). I use both Paypal and NEFT bank transfer.

Step 3:

After the consulting fee is received, I will be in touch with you through a series of e-mails as per your requirements (places to eat, places to stay, itinerary, travel questions, inter city transport etc). We can have a telephone too call if you require more assistance.


  • Hotel and B&B suggestions as per neighborhoods in big cities.
  • Off the beaten track town recommendations.
  • Assistance to book train travel.
  • In depth suggestions and expertise for all locations.

IMPORTANT: I offer consultation services only. All bookings will be done at your end.

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