Italian Words that Make You Sound like a Local

There is only so much that can be learnt through books and classroom courses. If you’re a fellow language learner it is important to remember that we have to someday get out of the bookish world and see the real way of talking. As students we must constantly push ourselves and embrace our target language in different ways. For example, I’ve tried my best in embracing the Italian culture via podcasts, music, Zoom conversations, TV shows and movies. Not only has this improved my language skills but also helped me understand colloquial words used by locals. But what exactly are these commonly used Italian words that make you sound like a local?? Let’s find out!

Italian Words that Make You Sound like a Local

1. Che ne so:

One of the most commonly used expressions that you’ll hear in Italy is Che ne so.

It means “What do I know” or “whatever”…Or simply a way of saying “I don’t know”!!

2. Non mi va:

Another most used Italian expression that will make you sound like a local is “non mi va”.

It simply means “I don’t wish to do it” or “I don’t feel like” or simply “I’m not in the mood”!

3. Direi di sì:

I cannot count how many times I have heard this. If you’re with Italians you’ll hear “direi di sì”.

It means “I’d say so” or “yes, I would think so.”

4. Appunto:

Very commonly used Italian word which is as simple as it sounds.

Appunto means precisely or yes indeed!

5. Ecco perché:

Ecco Perche` means “That explains why” or “here’s why” or “therefore”.

6. Avanti così:

This is another common phrase to hear while language learning, especially from your teachers!

It means “keep moving forward like this” or “keep going”.

Italian words that make you sound like a local
Burano- Unsplash

7. Ma Dai:

This is a must know Italian expression to make you sound like a local.

It means “Come on!!” or simply “no way”!

8. Mi fa piacere:

It means “Pleasure is mine”, “I’m glad/pleased” or “that’s great”.

Fountain of Books, Rome

9. Stai Tranquillo:

Another expression used frequently in daily conversations is stai tranquillo.

It means not to worry, relax and calm down.

10. La Vita e` bella accidenti:

This is a phrase I heard from a friend in Parma. She told me how often it was used in daily conversations and then I couldn’t stop hearing it around me.

It means wow, what a beautiful life, gosh life is very good!

11. Pazzesco:

One of my favorite words is pazzesco which is used in everyday conversations.

Pazzesco is a word that expresses something insane, crazy or terrific!

12. Sbrigati:

Often heard in movies and TV shows, sbrigati is a word used to denote to wrap up quickly, hurry up!

13. Non c’entra niente:

I love this phrase as it means “it has nothing to do with someone/ something“.

Cliffeside view of Polignano a mare
Polignano a mare, Puglia

How many of these words did you already know??

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