Amalfi Must Do: Pasticceria Sal De Riso

If you’re in the Amalfi Coast and have a sweet tooth, one of the must visit places to eat is Pasticceria Sal De Riso in the town of Minori. Created by Salvatore De Riso, this sweet heaven is a wonderland for lovers of chocolates, ice creams, tarts, gelati, pastries, liquer and more!

Amalfi Must Do: Pasticceria Sal De Riso

Sal De Riso was inspired by Pastry Chef Salvatore De Riso and the love for his land. Taking motivation and vigor from his lovely mother, Salvatore uses abundant produce of the region and creates fantastic desserts that look like works of art.

Salvatore created Sal De Riso in 1989 using top ingredients from Campania while importing products such as chocolates, hazelnuts and butter from Belgium. The authenticity of the desserts that he offers to the world is mind blowing as is the priceless view from the Pasticceria. Overlooking the Amalfi Coast, at Sal de Riso, there is a LOT to choose from.

The views from Sal De Riso

That Must Try Dessert

I went on my friend Tony’s recommendation who had suggested me to try the very popular “Delizia al Limone” (pic below). This is without a doubt the most appetizing and light dessert I ever ate in my life! The creamy texture of this mouth watering pastry filled with the citrus flavor of the Amalfi was enough to give me a high.

Delizia al Limone

I also ate a dark chocolate cake with almond but don’t have a picture of it. The kind waiter suggested me to end the evening with a caffè- Italian style. As you can see from the photos, each dessert looks like a work of art and one is left dumbfounded on what to eat and what to leave!

Pure works of art!
So much to choose from!
Are you confused on what to take?

Highly Recommended

That is why Pasticceria Sal De Riso comes highly recommended from me. It is one of those places you need to add to your Amalfi wish list despite the insane crowds. I would also suggest you to ask for recommendations, because in those plethora of options, you would need them. Don’t worry- the staff is ever ready smiling and willing to help you. Also, the institution is kind to animals-offering them water and biscuits! Isn’t that another reason to visit?!

Sal De Riso, Minori

Everything at Sal De Riso is intricately done and beautifully presented, I would love to go back and try something new next time.

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