The view from Vomero Hill, Naples

Naples is a bustling city and its historic centre especially, is crowded with tourists and locals alike. Sometimes it gets mandatory to step away from the crowd (so to say) and go to another city or even a new neighborhood. While there are many options of day trips around Naples, I chose to take the 19th century funicular and visit the Vomero hill. 

Hello Vomero!

The view from Vomero Hill, Naples

Where is Vomero??

Vomero is a chic neighborhood of Naples that has amazing palazzi, Bars and restaurants. This is located on a hilltop and is the area of the rich and prestigious. It smells more of luxury and class than anywhere else in the city. While my views on reaching Piazza Fuga in Vomero were very average- right from school children getting home with their parents to 20 somethings hanging out at the Bar, I could definitely sense the difference between the Naples of Garibaldi and Naples of Vomero looking at the grandeur of the palazzi.

Always choose the funicular

The funicular to Vomero goes from Via Toledo and it is impossible to miss it! Vomero can also be reached by stairs, often called scalita or calata, but I chose to enjoy the funicular ride. I don’t know why but I find funiculars a.k.a cable cars fascinating.

The Vomero funicular that goes from Via Toledo goes up till Piazza Fuga and only started in 1928. The other funiculars came in much earlier.

The world is your oyster!
Hide and seek with Vesuvio

Views to die for

Vomero houses the stunning Castel Sant’Elmo that has a 360 view of the historic city. But even before you reach the castle, you’ll be rewarded with a mind blowing view for free. Walking further from the funicular stop, follow majority of the crowds (kidding, please ask around before you blindly follow) because most people are heading for the Castle to see the panoramic views and surroundings.

On reaching outside the castle, don’t miss the view of the entire city! The world literally is at your feet as you take a moment to absorb all of it. Here you will be stunned to see Spaccanapoli– a street that clearly divides the city in two!!

The views from Vomero hill make you realise how big Naples and how tiny you are. It makes you understand the expanse of the city with Vesuvio strongly towering at the end and the bay of Naples enveloping the area. I was short of words then and I’m short of words now.

While Vomero has several places to explore such as Villa Floridiana and San Martino Charterhouse, I am happy to have been here despite not checking things off a list. This last minute decision was thanks to the author Elena Ferrante who wrote about Vomero in her books that I happened to read and enjoy so much. Have you read her works??


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