Basilica di Superga with the moon- una meraviglia

When I read about photographer Valerio Minato winning the Astronomy Picture of the Day by NASA, I was taken back to my Turin trips. Valerio Minato’s mindblowing picture of the Basilica di Superga makes it una meraviglia– a literal marvel!

Che meraviglia!

The photographer captured Basilica di Superga in Turin with the perfect setting of the moon and the Monviso mountains – it was like a perfect date as pointed by Minato.

The photograph, a work of art, already has got millions of views and thousands of comments ever since NASA reposted it. I also loved the backstage video that Valerio Minato later published for everyone. This epic and rare shot will be remembered not only by the proud locals of Turin but also the rest of the world for a very very long time!

Basilica di Superga

Basilica di Superga, perched on a mountain and away from Turin city centre, was made in the 18th century. This baroque style church houses the Royal tombs and apartments of the House of Savoy.

While the Church is free for visit, the Royal chambers and Dome require an admission fee of EUR 5,00 and EUR 3,00 respectively (prices could vary).

Sadly on the day of my visit, nothing was open, including the Bar with a fantastic view of the city. So I resorted to taking pictures of the outside.

In recent times, Basilica di Superga has become famous sadly due to Superga air disaster– a tragedy that happened on May 4, 1949 when a flight carrying the football team of Turin (Torino) crashed into a wall of the Basilica and all passengers died. There is a memorial for all victims at the corner of the church and every year on the day of the crash, a commemoration takes place.

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How to Reach Basilica di Superga

From Piazza Castello, Basilica di Superga can easily be reached by tram 15. There are buses 61 and 68 that go from Piazza Vittorio Veneto daily, although I do suggest checking with the Tourism office for the current timings.

Another amazing way to reach Basilica di Superga is with Sassi Superga tramway. This is a very old school tram that runs from 10am to 6pm from Sassi station and takes 15-20 minutes to reach the hill to Superga. Highly recommend to go back in time!

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