Castello della Pieve in Le Marche

Castello della Pieve is the tiniest of villages with little or no population. Only a few kilometers from the small town of Mercatello sul Metauro in Northern Le Marche is this mysterious hamlet.

Do you know why it is important??

On October 4, 1301, Carlo di Valois along with Corso Donati decreed the exile of Dante Alighieri in Castello della Pieve!!!!!

Castello della Piev
Castello della Pieve.
Castello della Pieve.
Castello della Pieve.

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Perched on a hill this village is eerie in the evening

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Castello della Pieve
Castello della Pieve

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Castello della Pieve
Castello della Pieve

An imposing tower from the 12th century stands in the middle of this dark stoned hamlet and makes this characteristic village even more dead and sleepy.  There’s a restaurant called Il Girone dei Golosi that was closed when I visited (Jan 2018). I am hoping it must be an important place in the summer, especially with the view of the valley!! Most of the population from this village has shifted to Mercatello.


Castello della Pieve near Mercatello sul Metauro
Castello della Pieve

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Wouldn’t you fancy a walk in this hamlet related to Dante Alighieri??

Segui il tuo corso et lascia dir les genti -Dante Alighieri


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  1. This is a really fabulous account of a lovely place. I’ve put it on my list to see. Thanks so much for letting me know Ishita!

  2. It is always nice to read you😊 I am stuck in Rome for some months, it would have been nice to meet you! There are Italians that do not appreciate this country like you do! 😊

    1. Thank you, Flavia. I know what you mean but that’s everywhere with everyone. I think I’ve started to appreciate my country more now. And thank you, I’d love to meet up someday

  3. This looks like such an enchanting town to stroll through at dusk! I love small town Italy. Le Marche is such a lovely under the radar region, you’re inspiring me to visit!

  4. Ciao Ishita:

    Lovely photos. I will be going to Rome in December. I am very excited. Wanted to like this post but could not find the like button. I will try it from the e-mail you sent me or the reader.


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