Wine Tasting Inside Piscine Romane

The Piscine Romane or the Roman cisterns are located in the city of Fermo in Le Marche and form a huge underground archaeological complex. They are close to the main piazza and are built with mind blowing engineering details that makes it possible to use them even today.

Thanks to the Mayor of Fermo, DiscoverMarche and the lovely hosts from Vigneti Santa Liberata, I was able not only to see the historic site but also have a specially curated wine tasting inside it.

Piscine Romane, Fermo
Piscine Romane, Fermo

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Piscine Romane, Fermo
Piscine Romane, Fermo

With our wines in hind inside the cisterns, we walked inside the dimly lit area which is believed to be built around 1 century A.D. It is a commendable feat that these cisterns made thousands of years ago work even today!

Can you imagine that even now they are in working condition and almost perfectly preserved??! I am unable to fathom the time, resources and brains gone into making them and having an underground method to provide water to the city till today.

Piscine Romane, Fermo
Piscine Romane, Fermo
Piscine Romane, Fermo
Piscine Romane, Fermo

SALUTE! What an experience!

Important Info:

  • The entry to the Piscine Romane costs a mere € 6,50 which includes a guided tour along with entries to parts of Palazzo dei Priori, Teatro dell’Aquila and Scientific Museums of Villa Vitali.
  • A jacket is highly recommended when visiting the complex as the underground is extremely cold.
  • The Piscine Romane are one of the most intriguing places in Le Marche and one that should not be missed if you are crossing by or in Marche.
  • For more information visit the town’s official page.

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24 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Inside Piscine Romane

  1. What an interesting tour, thank you for sharing. Ishita, I am not sure if you realize that I also import Italian wines into the USA under the name Girasole Imports. You can learn a bit more about what i do from our website, IG or Facebook pages. This would be a wonderful place to explore, perhaps after Vinitaly in April.

  2. Wow, how awesome to tour and taste wine while down there. The engineering of ancient Rome never cease to amaze me. When you think about what they did, how they did it, and how they have stood the test of time…just incredible! Oh, and to have some good red wine…that’s awesome too! 🙂

    1. Haha! Looking forward to it. I tasted wines from the region and had no idea Marche had so many wines. Their Rosso Piceno is my fav. .and I also liked another variety called Verdicchio

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