The Literary Town of Recanati

Recanati in Le Marche is a literary town of/for/by the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. I say that not only because Leopardi was born here but also because he spent a majority part of his life writing poems inspired by the town. Even though Leopardi had a conflicting relationship with Recanati, one of his most famous poems L’Infinito” (The Infinite) was written from a solitary hill of this town. This hill is now a famous vantage point and is known as “Hill of the Infinite” with views that go as far as the Sibillini Mountains.

Recanati, Le Marche: Hill of the Infinte
Recanati, Le Marche: Palazzo Communale
Recanati, Le Marche: Leopardi’s statue in the piazza

Giacomo Leopardi wrote many poems in his short lifetime of 38 years but there are a few that stand out.

“A Silvia”, published in 1828, shows his sad and tumultuous life state as he describes a girl he is in love with. The girl lives opposite the piazza where Leopardi’s house is but he cannot win her as she is below his stature.

Another popular poem “Il Sabato del Villaggio” (Saturday in the Village) describes the same piazza opposite his house and tells the tales of people who come and go.

Recanati, Le Marche: Silvia’s house (Was her name really Silvia?)
Recanati, Le Marche: Leopardi’s House a.k.a Palazzo Leopardi
Recanati, Le Marche: The piazza dividing the two places

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Recanati, Le Marche: Streets of Recanati
Recanati, Le Marche: The town evokes sadness on a grey day
Recanati, Le Marche: If this corner could talk….
Recanati, Le Marche: and this one too..
Recanati, Le Marche: Chiesa di San Vito

Recanati is a fascinating town that evoked a sense of sadness in me. Even as I write I remember the feeling of walking through the streets and thinking of the story of Leopardi.

In 2014, the popular film “Il Giovane Favoloso” (Leopardi) captured the essence of the poet. Ever since then, the town has been revamped and the streets are decorated with the poems of Leopardi at every bend. It gives Recanati a real picture of being called a Literary city.

Recanati, Le Marche: I found the Italian of that era extremely difficult.

Giacomo Leopardi: 1798-1837

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  1. Nice post. And you’re absolutely right – old Italian is extremely difficult. Don’t worry about it – you don’t have to be able to read the classics to be able to communicate perfectly well in contemporary society.

      1. Yes. Nice fall weather right now with highs around 18 and lows around 13 C. Sometimes fall is a little warmer, though. There was some strong rain and flooding a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow is the Procession of the Madonna, when she returns to the location she resides for most of the year, so hopefully it won’t rain even though it’s in the forecast. Ciao!

          1. It rained yesterday for the procession of the Madonna – very uncharacteristic – so it had to be postponed for next week and it turned cold overnight – a low of 9 in Reggio – brrr….

  2. Wow, how interesting to see places around the lives of a poet. In India, I could only find a Shanti Niketan by Tagore. Its strange that Leopardi could not win a woman as se was below his stature – hierarchies exist in the society, no matter where it seems.

  3. As I am blogging more and more about Architecture, I realize that the European architecture is brilliant but has melancholy painted all over it! Maybe this is the reason why these places inspire beautiful poetry!! Beautiful captures, Ishita 🙂

    1. Thanks Meenakshi 🙂 Indeed it is and very different. You will find a town only 5 kms away from the next country so different as you cross the border. It is amazing!

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