The Sleepy Little Town of Castelfidardo

You know the Italian town that makes the best hand made Accordions?? It is Castelfidardo in Le Marche. I never knew about it until I went there this summer! However, Castelfidardo wasn’t really for me. If you ask me to name one Italian town that I didn’t like, it has to be Casteldidadro. It totally isn’t under the “must see” sights of Le Marche which is named the 2nd most popular destination in 2020 according to Lonely Planet! It also isn’t interesting and can easily be skipped.

DSC08838 Probably the rare time when I saw someone in the centre
There is an International Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo
The view from the main piazza
From my apartment
Accordions available for young and old on Amazon

If you are visiting Ancona and the surrounding areas, stop anywhere else but here! But the only reason you might want to visit Castelfidardo is because of it’s proximity to the sea and historic towns of Marche. Otherwise everything in this town is slow and practically closed. Until May 2017, there was one good Bar (usually not crowded), a few odd shops selling the Accordion and a bookstore and few quick service food joints.

I don’t remember reading the name of this Torre (Tower)
The quaintest corner
They were equally happy to get a picture clicked!
Nothing is open and it was 7 p.m.
There was a bookstore at the corner
On a clear day, you can see the sea

There is one place not to be missed in case you end up visiting Castelfidardo and that is one of the oldest bread shops in Le Marche! Just at the entrance of the town is “Panetteria Pizzeria” owned by an old lady (picture below) who has been making fresh bread for the town since decades. Even after her husband passing away, she vowed to continue keep the tradition alive. Every day she starts work at 4 a.m in the morning to have fresh bread for everyone in the town!

The owner of one of the oldest bread shops
Be sure to visit and say hello to the lady!

21 thoughts on “The Sleepy Little Town of Castelfidardo

    1. Haha ghost town indeed but the thing is it wasn’t one. There were so many people around, just inside in their homes. Very strange! And thank you 🙂

  1. Too bad it was so sleepy, it is beautiful, with great sights and views. I do love that pic of you with the little old Italian men though! 🙂

  2. Looks like a typical Italian sleepy town. I will mention this place to my uncle in France. He plays a lot of Accordion, it’s kind of a family tradition. Somehow this town reminded me too of our town in Austria, completely slow motion in terms of movement of the villagers. Time is differently perceived in such places.

  3. As long as a town has a bookstore or a library, you can visit a town. After all the crowd you see in India, from pictures it looks like a welcome change to see few people.

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