Cooking at Fabrica del Gusto in Fabriano

Have you heard of the medieval town of Fabriano in Le Marche?? I had a very eventful day when I traveled there for my first ever Italian cooking class! I wanted to learn something local and found the cooking school – Fabrica del Gusto to be perfect for my needs. 

Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano
Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano
Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano
Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano

Fabrica del Gusto was a 5 minute drive from the city centre and I was welcomed by Silvia (one of the owners) at the door.

A little about the Cooking School:

Started by Silvia and her business partner Donatella, Fabrica del Gusto is their passion for local products of their region. It is an adorable corner in the heart of Fabriano and is filled with passion for all things local.The two ladies provide several creative workshops and cooking events for both individuals and groups alike. They have workshops for kids too!

It really is a very well thought space where I learnt to make “Ciambelline al Vino e Anice” which in simple words means cookies with wine and fennel.

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Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano

We made the Ciambelline quite slowly as we spoke about Le Marche and Silvia’s love for traveling and her curiosity about India. It was an afternoon of eating and relaxation with some cookies packed for my trip back home! I am linking my friend Rosemarie’s recipe for your benefit!!

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Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano

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“Ciambelline al Vino e Anice”

Cookies dipped in red wine!! Isn’t that the ultimate foodgasm ever?? Do give it a try and if you are ever in Le Marche, take a cooking class with Fabrica del Gusto and say hello to Silvia for me!

Donatella- I hope to meet you next time!!

Fabrica del Gusto, Fabriano

To book a class with Fabrica del Gusto email them at or call at +39 3282234499.
Disclaimer: Silvia and Donatella were kind to offer me the cooking class for free but as always the opinions here are my own. Thank you for this connection, DiscoverMarche.

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32 thoughts on “Cooking at Fabrica del Gusto in Fabriano

  1. What fun. I love taking cooking classes in another country. I took one in Provence which was awesome. These cookies look delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. I love those wine cookies – I remember first eating them in Rome. Your post also reminds me of my first Italian cooking class when I was studying Italian at an intensive language school in Florence. The teacher was delightful. She was using space in a restaurant the evening it was closed, so she arrived and her friend arrived with bags of ingredients for a full meal for our little group. She was a real personality and meeting and watching her was even better than eating the meal at the end, which, don’t get me wrong, was delicious, even if I do say so myself!

          1. A lot has to do with your specific teachers and the other students in the class due to the interactive nature of the lessons. Overall, I would recommend Torre di Babele in Rome and I know that they have an exchange for a free 4-week course if you’d like to work as an assistant gardener for the month. I’ve been at that school a couple of times. Also, Babilonia in Taormina, although it’s more expensive. I only did a 2-week course there but I remember enjoying the teachers and the other students in my class. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve done one of these classes, so things have changed, I’m sure, but they were solid schools.

          2. Wow! That school in Rome sounds amazing!!! Do you have to know how to garden? I’ve been wanting to learn how. Do you have to stay the whole month, or can you go for say a week?

          3. If you’re a complete beginner (level A1 in the European language system) there are specific weeks in which they start the course. If you’re intermediate or advanced, they can insert you in a course in progress whenever. With regard to the gardening, I think it’s a commitment for a full month, obviously when it’s available. I’m sure there are times when they have lots of people interested and others when they’re looking for someone. You’d have to ask for the details, but I would think if you’re an assistant, you just have to be able to follow directions and be willing to do manual work. Send them an email. Here’s a link to the site, where I see they also have a need for a photographer from time to time:

          4. I think it is a full 4 week thing because they wouldn’t want for a week only. I don’t properly but just odd jobs that I do at home 😉

  3. Oh my goodness I’m reading this before bed and now I’m hungry! I’m so glad you linked to the recipe too. I want to try them! Have you made them at home in India?

  4. What a great experience! I must do a cooking class the next time I go to the bel paese, even better if it is one where I can make cookies! You look great in the chef’s coat too! 🙂

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