Flavor of Italy: Podcast on Italian Food

Flavor of Italy by Wendy Holloway is a podcast on Italian food. Wendy discusses about the different types of Italian food, wines and traditions of various regions and also shares her passion for Italy. Flavor of Italy is THE podcast to listen to if you’re looking to know more about the Italian food culture!

Flavor of Italy: Podcast on Italian Food

Wendy Holloway releases a new episode of the Flavor of Italy podcast every week. It starts with the familiar and surreal sound of an Italian Bar after which Wendy interviews chefs and/or Instagrammers to discuss about a particular type of food or regional cuisine. For 20 odd minutes of the podcast, you’ll be transported to Italy!

Wendy’s passion for food and wine is evident as she talks about regional cuisine and cooking. In episode 7 she talks about the Calabrian cuisine. Thanks to her I now know much more about it! My favorite from the beginning was episode was number 4 where Wendy tells us all about gnocchi, which she calls little pillows of heaven!

In the newest episodes from Nov and Dec, Wendy takes her listeners to Positano, Liguria and Sardinia.

Flavor of Italy and I catching up in Rome
We enjoyed Roman food together in 2017!

Wendy and I go a long way back. In 2016, she contacted me for suggestions and travels tips for visiting India! I tried my best give her tips to visit my homeland. Although we were not able to meet in India, I consequently met her in Rome, a few months later. Wendy planned a great lunch retreat along with several other Roman friends and bloggers. She is a lovely soul.

Flavor of Italy is an excellent blog and podcast on Italian food and wine
Image Credits: Flavor of Italy

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