The Doors of Rome

I love finding unique and beautiful doors wherever I go. Every door tells a story and in Italy, there are a tad too many stories! The doors in Italy are not only gorgeous but also fascinating in many ways. But the doors in Rome, tell a whole other story. My oh my they are simply marvelous!!

All the doors that I’ve spotted and walked past in Rome are very pretty and even unusual. For some reason, the green ones catch my fancy more than others. For instance, look at this bright green door with the ivy on the side…..! Effortlessly Roman!

The Doors of Rome

And what do you think of this light grey door?? Doesn’t it tell you a little about the owner….Maybe in their 50s??

The Doors of Rome

And this tiny green door?

The Doors of Rome

Notice the door handle on this one below!

The Doors of Rome

And what about these two?? They might be on the same street but their owners are different. The one on the left looks forlorn and unattended while the other is twice as fresh and adds vibrancy to the other.

The Doors of Rome

Then there’s this green…..Too bright for some??

The Doors of Rome
The Doors of Rome

Light and shadow here.

The Doors of Rome


The Doors of Rome

Look at this half hidden wall with the letter box along with the sleek brown door on the right!

The chic Italian style simply blows my mind!

The Doors of Rome



Which city have you found the prettiest doors in??

Meanwhile, I’m rummaging through my years of Italy photos to do another door post for you all!


27 thoughts on “The Doors of Rome

  1. What a beautiful selection, Ishita! Such a good representation of Roman doors. Indeed, Rome might have the best doors of all the places I’ve been to, even though in Italy doors are similar and gorgeous everywhere. (Siena comes to mind.) I’m also drawn to green doors the most, I’d say, and yet I can’t say that I remember taking a photo of any in your post. There are just too many in Rome to have all accounted for. 🙂 To new door discoveries!

    1. As always, thank you for the appreciation. I guess we all observe differently. I’m waiting to see more Roman doors in your posts. Here’s to coming back to Rome and clicking more door pictures for you 😉

      Un abbraccio

  2. I agree with you about doors. I have collected hundreds of pictures of doors during my travels. I tend towards the more run-down neglected doors. I have published posts of doors from a number of cities including this one from Egypt.

    I started collecting photos of doors In Ottawa Canada, but have also a lot from China and found some lovely ones in Brazil, but old England was probably the best source of interesting doors. But, Lece Italy had a wonderful selection of interesting doors.

  3. I love interesting doors and always take pictures of them. Spain has some amazing doors as well. But the best place for great and unusual doors is Malta, with the most interesting doorknockers. I love the ones you captured in Rome.

  4. Beautiful. I always take photos of the doors of Italy. Flowers and bicycles seem to accompany many making them even more attractive. Love your blog.

  5. You are so right – we do have almost the same post! Nice to know others have an obsession with the doors in Italy too! Thank you for your comment on our blog,

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