The breathtaking San Giovanni Battista of Cervo

If you are looking to go off the beaten track around Cinque Terre, consider visiting Cervo. This gorgeous colored town on the Ligurian coast, is stunning village and I wrote more about it here. But today I’ll take you to see the even more stunning San Giovanni Battista dei Corallini (Church of San Giovanni) -the central attraction of this town!

The construction of this grand church started in 1686 by Marvaldi from Conio along with his son Giacomo Filippo, who later completed it in 1778. In 1887, the church was damaged in a devastating earthquake that rocked most of the area and Southern France. It left over 2000 people dead and the church in a mess. It took over 50-60 years to restore parts of the church along with the bell tower.

The picture above shows San Giovanni Battista glistening from the sea. Cervo looks strikingly beautiful because of the facade of this church. It is not only detailed but also in beautiful dull pastel shades that are soothing and quite feminine.

The inside of the church is marbled and is part baroque style interiors along with a pulpit from the 16th century. There are also several rich wooden carvings and exquisite altars.

But of course nothing beats the view from outside the church!!

San Giovanni Battista dei Corallini, Cervo
Cervo: The View from San Giovanni Battista

My friend Adriana Oberto lives only half a kilometer from the church and has some amazing shots from her home.

The church of San Giovanni is really a sight to sore eyes. It makes you go WOW and then all you want to do is keep looking at it.

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CERVO!! I am literally dying to post a pic of my beloved Cervo! So here it is: wintery and kind of dull-coloured, but even in the winter time I believe it's charming. We had  lot of fun together together with @italophilia, and we visited so much! #adrianaobertophotography #cervoligure #ig_liguria_  #vivo_italia #ig_italy #ig_italia #igersitalia #ig_europa #igworldclub #italiainunoscatto  #top_italia_photo #igworldclub_geo #ig_countryside #volgoliguria #perlestradedellaliguria #vivoliguria #italy_hidden_gem  #yallersitalia #vivosavona  #tagtheflagitaly #phototag_it #loves_liguria #loves_mediterraneo #volgosavona #borghitalia #yallersborghi #loves_united_borghi #pixphotos_ #igramethical

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San Giovanni Battista dei Corallini, Cervo



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