Celebration of Festa della Befana in Urbania

Every year from the 4th to 6th of January, the town of Urbania becomes a fairy tale because of La Befana! This is an Italian tradition celebrated on January 6th where it is believed that an old witch fills the socks of children with delicious treats. The town of Urbania celebrates the day of the Epiphany in style!

Festa della Befana in Urbania

La Befana

In the spirit of Befana, Urbania crafts a huge festival covered by national television. The town sets up a witch and her home and makes sure thousands of children come to see her! There are activities, games and workshops for children and local food and wine for adults. For La Befana in Urbania the entire town comes together to celebrate! Befana can be found anywhere; hanging on the pole of the street or inside a dedicated room.

When I was in Urbania this year, I visited the setup of Befana’s home and saw the decorations only a few days after the celebration. It was intriguing!

Festa della Befana in Urbania
Festa della Befana in Urbania
Festa della Befana in Urbania
Festa della Befana in Urbania
Festa della Befana in Urbania

Read more here to find out about Befana and check out the website.

8 thoughts on “Celebration of Festa della Befana in Urbania

  1. Ciao Ishita:

    I never heard of this tradition before. I also love Italy. Just came back from taking a pasta making class in Tuscany. Will be posting about it soon as I get a chance.


  2. I’d love to see this in Urbania. I have seen Rome’s La Befana parade (on the blog) and loved it. It was such fun and a great day. Even tasted sweet coal and brought a Befana to hang on our Christmas tree! It’s a nice way to extend Christmas and it coincides with my partner’s birthday!

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