Where to Stay in Bologna City Centre

I got married to my best friend on 12.12.2018!



It was a beautiful wedding in traditional Indian style. Needless to say we honeymoon’d in Italy…..!

We chose Bologna as one of our first cities to travel together and that’s how the question of where to stay in Bologna came up. While looking for places to stay in Bologna’s historic centre, we were confused! On a cold winter day searching online, we randomly chanced upon the website of L’8Boutique Apartments.

I was already following them on Instagram and instantly connected for a stay in the city. Owned by two sisters- Federica and Francesca, L’8 Boutique Apartments is the home of their grandmother that they have lovingly restored for the world to enjoy.

A modern well furnished space in the heart of Bologna, L’8 is easy to enter and exit as a unique electronic code is given on arrival. There is no key system here and that was quite cool (and non Italian) and hassle free.

At L’8 we had the pleasure to stay in Apartments 803 and 808 (with terrace). The apartments offer a unique homely space with every possible comfort. Add Nespresso machine and Netflix subscription to that comfort 😉

Where to Stay in Bologna: Apartment 808

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Where to Stay in Bologna: Apartment 803

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L’8 is also only 10 minutes walk from the train station and a stone’s throw away from the city’s biggest landmarks. A room for two would cost somewhere between EUR 100-130. But these rates may vary as per timing and season but this is the average cost of stay in Bologna. I recommended L’8 to many people and loved that they loved it too!

Staying in Bologna never looked so simple….. I’d book L’8 for my next visit too!

Disclaimer: Thanks to the lovely ladies of L’8 for the generous offer of stay and cooperation to Italophilia. As always, all opinions are my own. 

55 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Bologna City Centre

  1. Oooo, my, that’s some news! 😉 I haven’t heard of it yet. Warmest congratulations, Ishita! I wish you both much love and luck on your travels through life as a couple. What joy you two express! Wonderful to see. But of course you’ll go to Italy for your honeymoon. 🙂 Are you still here? To many happy returns. (I think you’ve noticed that my ex blog is closed and that now I have a new one. Always welcome here as well.)

  2. Tanti auguri, che belli sposini🎉🎉🎉🎉. The dress, the turban…what an explosion of colour. So nice you got to introduce ‘the dude’ to Italia on your Luna di miele 🥰. Tante belle cose, Cristina

  3. Your wedding pictures are stunning! The way you two look at each other! 😍 I’m so glad you and Gautam got to finally experience Italy together!

  4. You two are such a beautiful couple 😭❤ Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures (you know how much I love your traditional dresses) and I love seeing you so happy, you deserve it ❤❤ I’m grateful this year I got to know you better and I wish you all the best for the future ❤❤😘

    1. OMG thank you Sara 🤗🤗 thank you for the dress compliment too. I’m so so happy we connected on Twitter and got through to what we are today. I’m very lucky to have such an intelligent friend in Italy. Hope to see you soon!

  5. Beautiful joyous photos. Congratulations X. Bologna has long been on my list. I am hopefully going to Lake Garda at the end of May.
    Best wishes to you both for your future life together.

    1. Grazie Linda! Very kind of you..I have had such a great attachment from Parma in this trip but I equally loved Bologna too. Never been to Garda either. Good luck for your travels!

  6. Congratulations to you both! This apartment looks so cosy and cute. What a lovely thing to do, we love that the sisters did that with their grandmothers apartment. <3 It looks like a wonderful place.

    Lucy and Kelly xxx

  7. Ishita, it’s been some time since I checked in with your blog. What a delight to be able to congratulate you on your wedding. And you honeymooned in Italy! How surprising! All the best.

  8. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful life together! Ishita, your dress was simply stunning! I’d love to hear the story behind it. You both look like you were meant for each other! Enjoy 2019 and the years to come.

  9. AUGURI AUGURI AUGURI! Sorry for my late commenting spree, it’s been a crazy month! I love your wedding pictures, you two look so happy and I wish you a life full of laughter and Italy trips hehe. I’ve also stayed where you did and glad you recommended it, the two sisters that run it are so lovely and deserve to be highlighted, as does the city of Bologna herself. Thanks for posting and joining this month!

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