Numana, Le Marche: A Jewel of the Adriatic

I am completely blown away by the eastern Italian region of Le Marche!! After years of my Italian sojourns, I finally made it there thanks to the lovely ladies from DiscoverMarche. They not only gave me the initial push to plan a trip but also showed me around the best places in the region. Numana in Le Marche was one of the best places of the Adriatic and I’m now not surprised that Lonely Planet named Italy the 2nd favorite region to explore in 2020!! A seaside town easy to fall in love with, Numana is  a popular summer destination and is divided into Numana Alta (upper) and Numana Bassa (lower). This beach town has history that goes back to the Romans…..!!

Numana, Le Marche is postcard perfect

Numana, Le Marche

Numana’s Palazzo Communale
An empty street in Numana Alta
Getting a view of the Adriatic
The colors of Numana

There are various vantage points from where you can get the most spectacular views of the Adriatic! Numana is all about that vibrant beachy vibe that you are looking for…..!

Port of Numana

There are many bars and boutiques in Numana alta and places to rent which would say “affittare camere o affittare una stanza” (room(s) to rent). I can’t imagine how Summer must be here!

I was there in May 2017 and there were hardly any people around even until 7 p.m.

One of the most picturesque streets: Costarella. Can you spot anyone??

The only place open on Numana alta was Gelateria Morelli where I delved into my favorite chocolate gelato that I can still remember the taste of. Buonissimo!!

Gelato from one of the oldest makers in Marche

Important Info:

  • There are no trains to this part of Italy and the bus connectivity is erratic so hiring a car is the best way to travel.
  • Best time to visit is June- Sept when the beaches are in full swing and it is more lively.
  • For further information Numana Toursim is very useful.

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68 thoughts on “Numana, Le Marche: A Jewel of the Adriatic

  1. you finally reached the sublime coast of Marche! I hope you can visit also some other part of this gentle land. Although Monte Conero is worth the visit!

    1. I think Le Marche is one place I will keep returning to. I have hardly scratched the surface. The north is yet to be explored as is the rest and most importantly –Ascoli!

  2. It is a beautiful part of Italy Ishita. There are so many things to love about that area. Especially its remoteness and natural unspoiled beauty.

    1. Yes taxi of course but will be very costly. You can still manage to see the bus timetables from Ancona. Or better still just stay in Numana or Sirolo a few days..Next post coming up soon

    1. Grazie Sara. It was so beautiful and un-touristy (if that is even a word) Yes a few other famous towns. Must go back again for more. Lot of Marche posts to follow

  3. That looks like not only good old chocolate, but good old dark chocolate!! And love the way they’re able to get the beach chairs lined up like with a ruler. I admire, I haven’t ever visited this region. Beautiful, inspiring photos!

  4. This is what I love about Italy so much…there is always somewhere new to discover and each region is special in its own right…thank you for sharing Le Marche with us!

  5. Good to read your blog again, Ishita, especially when you write about my beloved Marche. I so agree about car hire. My friend Angela took me on a really enjoyable trip to Numana a couple of years ago, in May. It was fairly quiet then, but not dead. The trouble is the season is very short, really July and August, and everywhere gets very crowded and there’s nowhere to park. Perhaps June is the best time to go.

  6. Beautiful pictures love your blog post and picture really very wonderfull and lovely, i do love travelling really want to visit italy so beautiful and bewitching view. learn alot from your blog post about italy thank you so much for sharing. keep sharing waiting for next and stay in touch. happy blogging

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