5 Podcasts for Learning Italian

If you’re learning Italian like I am and don’t live in Italy, I bet you are looking for ways to connect with the language. This is where podcasts come in picture! Learning Italian with podcasts is a great way to imbibe the language and culture while sitting at home. It is also the best way to learn Italian words on your own. All you have to do is download an App on your phone, search for the podcast and hit Play!

I genuinely feel that if you are regular at listening to podcasts in your target language, you can master a lot of local nuances that you can’t usually do from textbooks. (But you obviously need to speak and use those nuances!)

Podcasts are not only a fun way to learn but are also informative.

You can listen to them as many times…And it’s good to keep a journal to jot down important words and idioms. There’s literally so much you can do if you’re learning a language from home!

Al Dente to Quattro Stagioni

One of the very first podcasts I ever listened to was Al Dente from Podclub. However, their service ended in September 2019 after which they started a new podcast called “Quattro Stagioni” for A2 learners and intermediates like myself! Quattro Stagioni has a new episode every 2 weeks for 5-8 minutes. They have exercises along with it +transcriptions.

News in Slow Italian

This podcast is excellent for both beginners and intermediate learners. As the name suggests, it is simply “News in Slow Italian“. They have over 300 episodes with topics about anything under the sun. You can download the app and either sign up and listen to the content or simply do it all for free without signing up! There is an option of Change of Pace where you can listen to podcasts at a much higher pace. All you have to do is download the News in Slow Italian App.

Coffee Break Italian

One of the most popular Italian podcasts on the Internet, Coffee Break Italian is also one of the oldest podcasts I’ve known! It offers a ton of Italian learning opportunities if you need a break from classroom learning. There is a free podcast library where you can play podcasts to your heart’s content. Simply play these in the background while cooking or cleaning and you’ll notice in a few months that you understand and know more words than you even realize. It’s fun to learn the language passively with Mark and Francesca -the hosts. I’ve noticed a difference in my Italian learning simply because of my regular listening to podcasts and music.

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Podcast Italiano

Hosted by Davide Gemello, Podcast Italiano delves deep in the culture of Italy. There is so much you can listen to with Davide that its almost a crime that I don’t have more time. There are options to choose from a beginner, pre- intermediate, intermediate or advanced depending on your level and Davide highly recommends playing his podcasts again and again to retain more words. Check out his podcast on Spotify and iTunes!

Con Parole Nostre

Three lovely ladies from Italy, living in three different places, started Con Parole Nostre. These three ladies also happen to be my friends and teachers for learning Italian. I look up to them and Con Parole Nostre is almost like sitting and chatting with them. Its amazing how these three connect and talk about the most regular things of Italy! Con Parole Nostre is fun and breezy yet gives pivotal insight into the culture. That’s something to look out for on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Allora, la colazione, la preferisci dolce o salata? Sembrerebbe una domanda facile, no? Soprattutto per me. E invece…. Infatti io sono evidentemente un tipo da colazione dolce, molto dolce, perché c'è bisogno di tanta dolcezza per cominciare bene la giornata però… Sapete che c'è ? Se volete sapere come è continuata andate ad ascoltare il nuovo episodio di Con Parole Nostre con @babigat_timetobeitalian e @silvia_italearn. . . . "So, about breakfast, do you like it sweet or *salty?" An apparently simple question, right? Especially for me. Instead… As a matter of fact, I'm obviously a sweet breakfast girl, a VEEERy sweet breakfast girl, because you need all the sweetness you can get your hands on to start the day well but… Know what? If you want to know what direction the conversation took, listen to the latest episode of Con Parole Nostre, out today. *salty breakfast: by salty, in Italian, we simply mean food that isn't sweet, it doesn't necessarily have to be strictly salty. Link in bio or search “Con Parole Nostre” on⠀ 🍎 Itunes⠀ 📣Spotify⠀ 👚Soundcloud

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8 thoughts on “5 Podcasts for Learning Italian

  1. I’m actually in the middle of coffee break Italian as we speak. It’s a great podcast and it keeps me continually in touch with the language. Xx

  2. There’s one that is particularly annoying to me and I’m so glad you didn’t mention it! Podcasts helped me so much when I was preparing for my move. I didn’t realize it until I got here and thought to myself, ‘hey… they said that phrase in my podcast!’

    I’ve just downloaded Con Nostre Parole and I can’t wait to listen to it!

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