10 Contemporary Italian Songs to listen today

You heard a song on Instagram Reels but don’t know which one it was??! I have a great list of 10 contemporary Italian songs to listen today that might remember from social media. After discovering some of these songs during last year’s lockdown, I started making a list on Spotify. Follow and enjoy.

10 Contemporary Italian Songs to listen today

1. Musica Leggerissima by Colapesce, Dimartino

As my friend Cinzia says, this is one of those songs that you just can’t stop listening to. Once you start, you just cannot stop. Many Instagram reels feature this song, including mine, click here!. Musica leggerissima is a song hard not to like. After listening to it a couple of times, this song will grow on you. My husband loves it too!!

2. Chiamami per nome by Francesca Michielin, Fedez

If you saw San Remo 2021, you probably know this song was a BIG hit. Even though these two did not win, Chiamami per nome won our hearts. I love the video too!

3. Il congiuntivo feat. Studenti per Caso by Lorenzo Baglioni

Can you imagine a song on your least favorite grammar topic?? Well this song not only gives me laughs but also makes understanding Il Congiuntivo less stressful.

4. Le Donne che leggono by Gio Evan

This was suggested by a fellow at the Cultural Institute of Delhi and I immediately felt hooked on to it. Yes, I’m a woman who reads and that’s what the song is about- women who read. But what he says in the song is even more incredible. Women who read are dangerous, because of many reasons. Gio Evan your song is so well expressed!

5. Chakra by Vasco Brondi

You know one of those songs that comes to you in the right moment? Chakra was that song for me. I hope you enjoy it too. Lots of new Italian words for me!

6. Ti volevo dedicare by Rocco Hunt

A fun and fast song, I never understood the meaning until recently. (my Italian has improved) The beats are familiar and soothing. Tanti saluto a Rocco Hunt!

7. Andra` tutto bene by Nesli

Can there be a more appropriate song during this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic?? I don’t know think so. This song is about hope. It made me cry. But andra` tutto bene, everything will be alright.

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8. Zitti e buoni by Maneskin

Do I need to introduce you to Maneskin?? In case you don’t know- they are an Italian rock band who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 held in Rotterdam. I invite you have a look at their amazing collection of music here. They are so so cool with a vibe unlike any other. I love their cover Beggin’ and Zitti e Buoni the most. Torna a casa is also highly recommended.

9. Io Si` by Laura Pausini

A song written for the 2020 Sophia Loren film “The Life Ahead”, this song is meaningful and deep. Pausini, who performed in the song, identifies herself in the message that it delivers. A message about the life of orphaned children, a message about diversity and a message against racism.

10. Tsunami by Annalisa

I love Annalisa’s music including Dieci and Houseparty, but this is a current favorite because I can connect to these lyrics- E se un’estate ci cambia davvero, Se sono meglio o peggio ora non so. Se siamo noi il bianco in un cielo nero. Hanno detto che spioverà.….

Can a summer change us??

Did you like this list?? Share some more contemporary songs in the comments below!

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