Learn Italian with Nuovo Espresso Textbooks

Looking for a language textbook?? I recommend you to learn Italian with Nuovo Espresso textbooks. I’ve been using the Nuovo Espresso series of books since over 4 years now and have suggested them to countless people looking for an Italian language course book. The Nuovo Espresso series is an excellent resource and workbook for both beginners and intermediates. (I’ve only explored until B2 level so I don’t know how their C level course books are!)

Having become accustomed to the structure and pattern of the book, I can easily say that Nuovo Espresso has helped me know the culture and language of Italy even more. There are no English translations in the book so you’re diving in the strange world of a foreign language which I think is very useful. I know that if there were English translations available in the book, I would have stayed in my comfort zone and focused on reading them more. But the Nuovo Espresso series helps me to focus solely on Italian and hence dive into the unknown!

Learn Italian with Nuovo Espresso Textbooks

Pros of Nuovo Espresso Series:

1. Well structured course book

2. Colored layout

3. Each chapter has diverse topics related to culture of Italy

4. It offers at least 8-10 exercises in every chapter along with solutions

5. Includes a video course/CD

6. Offers excellent grammar, both common and rare conjugations too

7. It has 3-4 tests at the end of the book of 100 marks each

Cons of Nuovo Espresso Series:

1. It is difficult to understand the structure of the book easily

2. Nuovo Espresso is best used with a language companion or a teacher who guides properly

3. Additionally, Nuovo Espresso is also slightly more expensive

That being said, I have loved this series for the past few years as it taught me a lot about the language and culture of Italy. The grammar and exercises can be easily done at your own speed. Hope you learn Italian with the Nuovo Espresso textbook series like I do!

Check out my IGTV video where I explain the book a little more

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