Cucina Romana: Andrew Cotto’s newest Italian adventure

When I read Cucina Tipica by Andrew Cotto, I kindled an unsaid Italophile bond with him. It is the type of friendship that many Italophiles have with each other, one that stems from a common yet exceedingly high love for Italy. This friendship now extends to his newest book Cucina Romana: Andrew Cotto’s newest Italian adventure. Cucina Romana, a treasure for all Italophiles, is Andrew Cotto’s newest Italian venture. I had the pleasure to chat with Andrew Cotto about his newest release.

Cucina Romana: Andrew Cotto’s newest Italian adventure

1. Ciao Andrew, welcome to Italophilia!! Tell us a little about yourself.

Ciao, Ishita! I’m from New York, of Italian-American descent. As an adult, I became fascinated with Italy and after my very first visit decided to move there for a year to launch my writing career and immerse in the splendor of such a wonderful country. 

2. How and when did the idea of Cucina Romana culminate?? Was it before the 2020 lockdown?

Cucina Romana: Another Italian Adventure is a sequel to Cucina Tipica: An Italian Adventure, the story of a disheartened American named Jacoby Pines who arrives in Italy on holiday and decides he never wants to leave.

Cucina Tipica came out in 2018 and was still being promoted when the lockdown arrived. I had a sequel in mind for some point down the road, but once in lockdown, I quickly decided to go back to Italy, if only in my imagination, each morning via the narrative of Cucina Romana. It provided so much comfort and joy. I also wanted to provide readers with this experience since travel to Italy was denied to almost all of us. 

Cucina Tipica is majorly set in Tuscany (Pic from Unsplash)

3. Why Cucina Romana? What’s so special about the Roman cuisine according to you?

The idea in the series is to explore different regions. The original (Cucina Tipica) has scenes in Liguria, Umbria, Le March, but it’s dominated by Tuscany, as that is where Jacoby settles, in the hills south of Florence, and where he falls in love with the surroundings.

For the second installment, Jacoby still lives in Tuscany, and much of the book takes place there, as well, but I also wanted to bring him to Rome for an extended adventure that allows for the readers to discover the wonders of Rome through Jacoby’s experiences, particularly the food.  

Rome would go on forever, Jacoby thought, as he began to fall in love with another Italian city.

andrew cotto

4. Can readers of Cucina Tipica expect their favorite characters in your new book?? or is it a new set of characters altogether.

It is mostly the same characters for continuity, but of course they encounter new folks along the way. Read more to find out!

It was nice to rest and breathe and think freely about peasant things in the shade in front of a Roman wine bar of International influence.

Andrew Cotto

5. Anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

These two books, and those that will follow, are celebrations of what makes Italy so special: an appreciation of what life offers through food and community and beauty. 

Cucina Romana is set in Tuscany & Rome (Pic Unsplash)

6. How can we be a part of your community:

Follow the latest on my books on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can also check out my Website- Andrew Cotto.

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