Medieval Fermo and it's Historic Sites

Fermo is a medieval town in the southern part of Le Marche. Situated on top of a hill with a view of the surrounding villages, Fermo is possibly the richest of all Le Marche towns I have seen. Culturally speaking.


Medieval Fermo and Piazza del Popolo

Medieval Fermo and Regional flags

Medieval Fermo in Le Marche

Practically devoid of tourists, Fermo has the most beautiful and linear piazza in all of Marche. The town is dotted with lovely boutiques and cafes, a gigantic town hall and a rich historic library. Unfortunately I was able to see only one of the things above because Fermo was hit by an earthquake in August 2016 that left most of its treasures in ruins. The thought of it is heartbreaking and it was even sadder to see the state of things myself.


A line of shops and coffee shops


Medieval Fermo and its men

Medieval Fermo and cappuccino with Ginseng

Medieval Fermo from a part of Biblioteca Civica

Fermo has a very rich line of cultural sites.
The Biblioteca Civica Romolo Spezioli (closed due to the earthquake) is a popular public library with a Globe Room and manuscripts, documents and designs from the 17th century. There is also a modern library just next to it with computerized catalogues. The Biblioteca is known to be a treasure of the town that many mentioned to me. I have it on my list for next time.
Biblioteca Civica Romolo Spezioli (Image Credits:

Another important cultural site is the Palazzo dei Priori from the 13th century. The Palazzo was also closed to the earthquake as was the Civic Art gallery. Kept for next time!
Medieval Fermo: Palazzo dei Priori

The other cultural site is the historic Teatro dell’Aquila. Thankfully a local helped us to get inside even though there was an International Violin Competition going on. The theatre, which was made in the 18th century, is known to be most important for many cultural activities of Le Marche.
Medieval Fermo: Inside Teatro dell’Aquila

Medieval Fermo: Ongoing Violin competition

Medieval Fermo: Chandelier from 1830

Medieval Fermo: I want to listen to the Opera

Hope you enjoyed a walk in the town with me. I once again thank DiscoverMarche and the Mayor of Fermo for making my short stay in the town so rich and inspiring. The Mayor was kind enough to gift me a frame of the Biblioteca Comunale that I will soon get framed! Grazie mille!
How to Reach Fermo:
Fermo can be reached from the Ancona airport with a car or from the Porto San Giorgio railway station. There are buses from the train station every 30 minutes to the centre of Fermo.

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  1. It’s amazing how many interesting Medieval towns there are in the area of Le Marche! ❤ So sad lots of them suffered the consequences of the earthquake…poor people 🙁

  2. What a beautiful town, too bad about the earthquake though, so sad. It’s amazing what still can be seen though. I definitely need to visit this region!

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