Medieval Fermo and it's Historic Sites

Lonely Planet named Le Marche the 2nd favorite region to explore in 2020. And when we talk of Le Marche, the medieval town of Fermo should not be missed. Fermo is possibly the richest of all towns in the region with important historic sites and a fascinating linear piazza. It is situated on top of a hill and has a great vantage point to see the surrounding villages around. Even though its a gorgeous town, Fermo is practically devoid of tourists! Lets have a look at the medieval town of Fermo and it’s historic sites.

Medieval Fermo and it’s Historic Sites

Even though the town of Fermo was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2016, it has several historic sites to explore and soak the culture of the region.


Piazza del Popolo


Don’t you love the Gonfalons and flags in Italy?!

1. Biblioteca Civica Romolo Spezioli:

The gorgeous Biblioteca Civica Romolo Spezioli offers an unusual collection of books, newspapers, coins, seals and manuscripts. Students from across the world come to this popular public library! The Biblioteca is known to be a treasure of the town and also has a modern section with computerized catalogues.

Monday- Friday: 8.30 – 13.45 / 15.15 – 18.45
Saturday: 8.30 – 13.45

2. Sala del Mappamondo

Biblioteca Civica also houses Sala del Mappamondo or The Globe Room which is aptly so because of the vintage Globe inside it. The Globe was designed in 1713 by Silvestro Amanzio Moroncelli and is another of Fermo’s prized possessions.

3. Palazzo dei Priori:

One of the many historic sites and things to see in Fermo is the imposing Palazzo dei Priori! The Palazzo houses the Civic Gallery and Archaeological Museum and links to the Globe Room from the inside. I really wish it was open when I visited in 2017 but hopefully next time I’ll be able to explore the inside of the Palazzo.


A view of Palazzo dei Priori

4. Teatro dell’Aquila:

Fermo proudly offers home to Teatro dell’Aquila – the most important theatres in Le Marche. The theatre, designed in the 18th century, is known to host around 1000 people. It has the perfect acoustics in all of Italy! During my visit, a local helped me to get inside the theatre even though there was an International Violin Competition going on. Thanks to her I could see another rich and historic site of Fermo.

5. Cathedral of Fermo

There are several cathedrals in the town, just like any other Italian town, but the one that stands out is the Cathedral of Fermo. Built in the 13th century, the cathedral has spiral columns and a 15th century bell tower.

How to Reach Fermo:

Fermo can be reached by car from the Ancona airport. It is also easily accessible from the Porto San Giorgio railway station with buses going to the centre of Fermo every 30 minutes.

Book Your Stay in Fermo, Le Marche

Hope you enjoyed a walk in Fermo with me!! Thanks to the Mayor of Fermo for making my short stay in the town so rich. Not only was he kind enough to gift me a picture of the Biblioteca Comunale but also helped me in getting around easily.

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