More Charming Towns in Italy

There is no shortage of charming Italian towns. I’m making this list pretending that we need more towns to fill our Italian wanderlust (we actually do, right??). So here are some more Charming Small Towns in Italy:


Alba is nestled in the region of Piemonte and is a perfect getaway from Turin/Milan. It is another charming town full of small shops selling a wide variety of truffles and wine. Surrounded by vineyards, Alba is super picturesque. It has a small historic centre walk able enough in 15 minutes and has no dearth of places to eat. Alba is quite touristy in the summer but you will still find a spot for yourself to sit in and enjoy.
How to reach: Take a direct train from Turin’s Porta Susa station and spend the day in Alba. If you are traveling from Milan, spend the night in Alba as it is hectic for a day trip.

5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: The colorful town of Alba
5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Piazza Risorgimento


The whole of Le Marche is a dream and if you check the map of Italy, you will realize it boasts a strong coastline. However, that does not mean Marche is devoid of hilltop towns. We have Fermo- another small charming town in Italy with a gorgeous piazza and a charm from the old times. Unfortunately, Fermo was recently hit by an earthquake so most of the cultural spaces were in restoration (as of May 2017). But you can still take a walk or relax by an old Bar.
How to reach: A hired car is the best way to navigate in the region of Le Marche.

5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Fermo, Piazza del Popolo
5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: A Bar in Fermo

Orta San Giulio

When I talk of Orta San Giulio, I am talking of narrow cobbled streets filled with small stores and splendid lakeside views. Orta San Giulio is a characteristic small town in Italy that I would happily settle in! It’s surroundings beseech me to write a poem. This lakeside town has an indescribable atmosphere!

How to reach: Hiring a car is the best way to reach till the town of Orta. But there is a train station at Orta Miasino that requires a train change at Novara. From Orta Miasino take a cab or walk if you are brave enough.

5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Piazza Motta
5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Island of San Giulio


Another charming small town in Marche is the beach town of Numana. It’s old historic side is colorful and has many vantage points for spectacular views of the Adriatic! Numana has a laid back vibe where you might want to book a few nights. There are boutiques for your shopping needs and pretty alleyways to fill your growing wanderlust.

How to reach: A hired car is the best way to navigate in the region of Le Marche.

5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Views of Adriatic
5 More Charming Small Towns in Italy: Numana alta

Tell me if you liked this list of Charming Small Towns in Italy. I’d love more suggestions as always!





48 thoughts on “More Charming Towns in Italy

    1. Ah Lyn, I’m always trying to persuade you to come back to Le Marche and I absolutely agree with Ishita about Numana. Fermo has a wonderful library as well as its other attractions. Let’s hope it didn’t suffer in the earthquake.

      1. I really do hope to return to Le Marche one day. I have been there 3 times and stayed for extended periods of time eg a month each time. I guess time will tell. Do you live there full time or in the UK? Lyn

  1. Thank you again for some eye-opening suggestions. The two Le Marche towns are exactly opposite from me and if I wished to reach them, I’d need to traverse the entire Italy coast-to-coast and it would take me 3.5 hours approximately. The two in the north are 5 hours or more removed. But it’s always good to know where to go if I happen to come closer one day. First time I hear of all four!

      1. Ohh, I know, living in Italy spoils you rotten. I only add to my kitty (I have never heard of this expression!) towns and attractions that are 3 hours or less from me. And let me tell you – that is one LONG kitty already! But I saved your four towns to my Google Maps favourites. 😉

        1. I use it a lot don’t know why. Maybe it is wrong lol. Lets say add to your basket of options 😉 I have seen your long list earlier. Its amazing hope you are trying to see as much.

      1. Good to know. Some travel bloggers write about places they have never been to…so just thought of asking since there were multiple of them. If you had written about your experience, that would have really helped here.

        1. I am not one of them thankfully and I hope you know in all these years of reading my blog. Also, this is just a listicle, Alok. You can see my posts to follow for the three towns mentioned in the coming months. For Numana I think you already ready the post.

  2. Mmmmh, suggestions? How small a town should be? I’d say perhaps Bra, near Alba, or Monforte d’Alba, or perhaps even Candelo and its Ricetto if we want to remain within Piedmont. Thanks for taking so much interest in our country Ishita!

  3. “Kitty” is a very good expression. It means originally a common store of money, such as when you go to a pub and each put money into a kitty to buy everyone’s drinks with. Perhaps a china kitty was like a piggy bank, a china pig-shaped moneybox. but I like the idea of saving and sharing our experiences of Italy.

  4. Awesome post! I hope I can vist all this towns one day. Last month I visited Cinque Terre and I really loved it! Have you been there? If you want to know more check my last post ☺️

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