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Do you love day trips where you can see major sights of a town/city and come back to your base by the end of the day?? I love them! Although I don’t recommend doing too many from a place, I took some amazing day trips from Turin that I highly recommend for a great respite from city life.


  • LAGO DI ORTA (Lake Orta): This was my favorite and most comfortable day trip from Turin. I drove with a friend to Orta- a lesser known lake of Italy. With exceptional restaurants and views, Orta is simply magical! Imagine yourself in idyllic medieval lane ways among baroque churches and ancient shops that make you stop for a picture every 5 seconds. If you are looking for a unique day trip in and around Turin, Orta should be on the top.
Bronze statue of an artist in love with Orta
The island of Orta San Giulio

Orta can be reached by car or public transport. Although the train station is a little far from the lake, one can hire a taxi or take a bus to get to the lake. There is another option of walking for about 25 minutes to reach to the lake too. Orta is also very close to Lake Maggiore- another great lake of Piemonte which also forms part of the region of Lombardy and parts of Switzerland.

    • ALBA: Another great day trip from Turin is to visit the town of Alba. Globally known for truffles, Alba is also famous for wine, cheese and it’s medieval historic centre. Every year the town hosts the White Truffle Fair in October- November which is the biggest global fair of it’s kind. There are markets of local products such as cheese, wine, chocolate, porcini, hazelnuts etc which makes it high on my list of events to visit.
Energy fix!
No tourists at 1 p.m.
Everyone’s gone for lunch

Reach Alba in the morning when the Bars were filled with locals and take a short walk in the centre. You will basically have it covered it in about 30 minutes flat. Finish off your day with a hearty lunch of local tajarin and be back in Turin for dinner. Trains run every hour.

    • BARBARESCO: Do you know the King of Wines comes from the region of Piemonte?? (Turin is the capital of Piemonte) Wouldn’t you love to see it?? Piemonte’s area of langhe is a great wine making commune. I was in Barbaresco for a short day trip, another great choice of day trip from Turin.
Not a soul in sight
A drive through Piemonte
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🍷🍷I was shown around Piemonte by the lovely @valeriekq who, along with her husband, takes wine and food tours in the region. We went to the winery of @cadelbaio -a family run business that is situated on a beautiful slope overlooking small hilltop towns. After trying 5 different types of wines this is the best picture I could manage 🤣🤣 @foodieandwinelover @constantwining @yogawinetravel @casamiaitalyfoodandwine @winefolly @vinotravels21 @italian_wines @italianwinelover . . – . . #italophilia #winestagram #wineoclock #winerytour #vineyardlife #whatiate #whatidrink #whatitalyis #ilovewine #italianwine #vinorosso #redredwine #amarone #barolo #langhe #suitcasetravels #ig_piemonte #ig_turin #turinheart #volgopiemonte #prettylittletrips #prettylittleitaly #italygram #framesofitaly #girlsgottadrink #girlsborntotravel #travellingthroughtheworld #trottermag

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Valerie Quintanilla, along with her husband, takes wine and food tours in the region and kindly showed me around the winery of Ca’ del BaioThe winery is a family run business situated on a beautiful slope overlooking the hills of Piemonte. After tasting 5 different types of wines I can safely say I am glad Valerie dropped me back to Alba!

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If you plan to visit Turin and the region, I suggest you to read these great books:

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  1. Orta and Alba – learnt about 2 new cities of Italy from this blog post. Look forward to your next posts on Italy.

  2. Oh white truffle fair! I am going to keep the place and period in mind, that really sounds very exciting. Next time we ever travel to Italy we will do a road-trip for sure from Austria, past south tyrol downwards, and my main aim will be to basically do a food tour. With that I mean to loose myself in the cheese, hams, grapes and breads amongst the pasta and other delicacies. 🙂

  3. Loved your article! About to go to Turin for 5 days for New Years Eve and was trying to see if i could go somewhere else for a day, those are great ideas!!! hope i can go to the Lake it looks soooo pretty!!

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