Where to Eat and Drink in Turin

Turin (Torino) is heaven for all the food enthusiasts and coffee lovers. There are several eating options available in the city right from quick cheap eats of pizza by the slice, focaccia or ciabatta to a more sophisticated dining experience of family run food joints, ornate coffee houses and high-end expensive restaurants. I ate my way there Turin and created this list of places to eat and drink in Turin that you would possibly need for your first few days. Buon Divertimento!


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Where to Eat and Drink in Turin: Food Guide

Where to Eat and Drink in Turin:

Osteria in Vino Veritas: If you are looking for a range of Piemontese wines, cozy atmosphere and fresh agnolotti (typical pasta from the Piemonte region), head to Osteria In Vino Veritas (which means in wine there is truth). It not only stays true to its name but also has the most homely atmosphere behind the busiest street of Mole Antonelliana.
Via Giulia di Barolo, 50/A.

Where to Eat and Drink in Turin: In Vino Veritas

Caffeteria Reale: Thanks to Lucia’s blog I found out about this Caffeteria which seems to be popular among locals. It was in a small alley next to the Reale Palace and had a great selection of coffees not to forget the range of china all across the room and embellished linen. A great place for a quick drink in the heart of Turin and not expensive!

Piazzetta Reale, 1

Where to Eat and Drink in Turin: Caffeteria Reale

Baratti & Milano: Another great find thanks to Lisa from ItalianKiwi who not only recommended me some great places to visit but also sent an itinerary to see Turin. Baratti & Milano is one of those places that you should spend more time in. Their range of fancy wrapped chocolates and candies is amazing and is great to pick for gifts.
Piazza Castello, 27

Pastificio de Filippis: I went here just for a quick lunch but ended up staying longer. Filippis is bang in the middle of the busiest street and serves the yummiest Piemontese food. I tried their gnocchetti and paired it with a glass of Barolo and fresh salad.

Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 39

Where to Eat and Drink in Turin: Pastificio de Filippis

La Fermata: Another great place to try Italian food especially Ligurian Farinata is La Fermata (the stop) It is more modern compared to all other places in Turin, with WiFi and a relaxed service. Loved their Caprese salad too!

Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 6

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Arsenico e Vecchi Merletti: Another great spot to eat in Turin is Arsenico e Vecchi Merletti-a place from the crowds. Arsenico’s service is quick and food delicious, especially their gnocchi and fresh breads. Mediumly priced (Also, Arsenico e Vecchi Merletti is the name of a movie)
Via Sant’Agostino, 30

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Turin has by far some of the best food I've tasted in all of Italy! I ate the gnocchi with parmesan cream, mint and poppy seeds and on the other side was the Focaccia which was enjoyed by @turinepi 😍🍽️ The wine was Bonarda Piemontese. If you haven't read my love letter to Turin yet, do head to @turinepi 😎😊 #Italophilia . . . . . #gnocchi #foodiesofinstagram #italianfood #italygram #turinheart #torinodigitale #igerstorino #iloveitalianfood #italiansdoitbetter #cucina #cibobuono #cucinare #mangiare #onthetable #placesofturin #italyfood #dudeandthefood #pastalover #pastatime #iloveitaly #lovelettertoitaly #thekitchen #foodtalkindia #ilovepasta #piemonte #igerspiemonte #bonarda #focaccia #parmesan

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Pasticceria Gertosio: Another favorite place to eat in Turin is Gertosio. I went here thrice and tried a different pastry every time. The man behind the counter started recognizing me and every time I went he would say something like, “Dovrebbe provare qualcosa di nuova!” (You should try something new!) Pick anything!

Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 34

Where to Eat and Drink in Turin: Pasticceria Gertosio

Bar Abrate: Looking for a cool place to hang out?? Possibly with a street view of old trams and hustle of the city?? Consider going to Bar Abrate on Via Po for a fabulous aperitivo experience at a great price. You will love their elegant vibe and pastry selections!
Via Po, 10

Caffè Fiorio: One of those “must try” family run places that is 3 centuries old. Visit Fiorio for its marble top tables and impeccably dressed waiters! Try their selection of ice creams and bicerin. Fiorio is a common name in the region as I saw one in the town of Alba as well!
Via Po, 8

Delper: Looking for fresh bread, pastries, focaccia, pizza, grissini?? Visit Delper, just around the corner at Via Garibaldi. It is packed with locals and why wouldn’t it be…. !Delper has been serving since over 75 years. A great place for a quick bite in Turin.

Via Tolmino, 50

Apart from the places above, I recommend visiting any of the Gelaterie in the city. My favorites are La Romana and Gelateria Pepino.

Bistrot Turin: Quite simply known by it’s name Bistrot Turin isn’t anything related to the Bistrot that I imagine a.k.a modern. This is a no frills kinda place on Turin’s most happpening street “Via Po”. With authentic Piemontese food up its sleeve, Bistrot is a place where you would love to take a local along for suggestions. Medium priced and thankfully I had my friend Adriana and she helped me choose the starters and the pasta.
Via Po, 21/B

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Hope you enjoyed this post. If you plan to visit Turin and the region, consider staying at B&B Vibrisse Torino. Also, suggest you to read these great books:

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  1. I also loved Caffe Torino in Piazza San Carlo – gorgeous little pastries, hot chocolate and a lovely olde worked atmosphere to relax after a hard day’s sightseeing. So many gorgeous choices across Turin.

  2. You make me feel hungry. I usually do not see destinations from a culinary angle but I am tempted to look at Italy as one.

    1. Oh yes! Italy is so much more than pizza and pasta. Although I have to admit I can’t get enough of it when I am there. It is so different from the one we get here.

  3. Wow, look at all those amazing places to eat and drink! Great options indeed, and those pastries look incredible! My mouth is watering! 🙂

  4. We passed Turin when I was still small to go to France. Unfortunately we never stopped there. At the time the city looked so huge from my car seat. If I ever get to visit Turin, I would of course focus on the food and enjoy the soul of the city piece by piece. 🙂

  5. Ishita, i cannot wait to revisit Torino next week. 🙂 Soooo excited for bicerin, coffee, and all the agnolotti!! Thanks for all the recommendations – i’ll be sure to book mark them. Grazie mille!

  6. Lovely post and useful as we will be in Torino early November. Thanks for liking my cognitive cellar therapy blog. There will an alarming number of Italian wines to come in the next six weeks! If you need info on Melbourne get in touch. Salute, Andrew

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