Fabriano's Paper and Watermark Museum

Fabriano is a town in the eastern Italian region of Le Marche. This small town is home to the Paper and Watermark museum which has been making and supplying paper worldwide since the 12th century! The paper industry in Fabriano has been inspiring companies and individuals since decades and I’m truly grateful to the ladies at DiscoverMarche for taking me here.

Fabriano Paper & Watermark Museum

The Fabriano Paper & Watermark Museum is located in the UNESCO creative city of Fabriano, yet another underrated city in Italy. The museum is well preserved and divided into several sections, still using old techniques to refine and process paper and imbibing modern methods. The Fabriano Paper museum is a great place to understand how paper and watermarks have changed over time. After all, the paper made in Fabriano travels the world! Even India gets paper for its currency from here.


Benvenuti! Welcome!


Since 1264 stayed with me


Have a seat!


Ancient and modern

Tour of the Museum

The museum in Fabriano offers guided tours in Italian and English. The tours offer a good demonstration of how watermarks are made and used. 

I would have loved to take a tour in Italian but at that time my Italian was only A1 level. So I went with an English tour guide who showed a live demonstration of paper making. She shared history of her town and was extremely knowledgeable. With an interest in different cultures of the world, my tour guide was the reason I enjoyed this museum so much! The fact that she was working in the museum for over 2 decades made her passionate about her work.

I especially loved her attraction towards the Indian culture. Unfortunately I cannot remember her name but I hope she visits India someday. 


First floor display


Does this mean a binder??


The second floor


A paper exhibit


Old equipment from the 18th century


The process of paper making


Paper left to dry


More equipment


Watermarks are fascinating!

During my visit, there was an International Festival of Watercolor Paintings happening in the city so a local school’s group was also there. Even though the museum was crowded, I found respite in the tiny souvenir shop selling inexpensive handmade paper and goodies.

Important Info:

Booking your tickets in advance is recommended when you visit the museum. English guides are not available every day.

How to Reach Fabriano:

If you are traveling from Rome, it takes about 3 hours to reach Fabriano. From Ancona, Fabriano is only an hour’s journey. The train station is only a short walk from the museum.

If given a chance, would you visit this hidden gem of a museum?? Drop a comment and let me know!

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