Delicious Bologna: More than just a Food Tour

No city is complete without its food but BOLOGNA = FOOD. Our honeymoon in Italy would be incomplete without a big mention to Mattia Tozzoli from Delicious Bologna.

Delicious Bologna: More than just a Food Tour

Delicious Bologna is a food company originating from Mattia’s love for his region- Emilia Romagna.

Mattia, a zealous and warm person, loves meeting people from across the globe. He wanted people to get a taste of his region in the most authentic way and started Delicious Bologna as a chance for travelers to also understand the flavors, eating habits and history of his region.

Delicious Bologna: Tortellini in brodo

Coming from the neighboring city of Imola but in love with Bologna, Mattia’s passion for food and the city shine through. There is not a dull moment with him as he is full of stories, suggestions and legends of the city of Bologna.

He carefully understands your likes and curates an experience around it. English is not a problem with him, having lived in Australia for a long time…..

Delicious Bologna: More than just a Food Tour
Delicious Bologna: More than just a Food Tour

What can you expect from this tour??

Visiting 6 of the best local spots of the city. 

Eating to your heart’s content.

Stopping for photo ops anywhere you like!

Understanding the city’s history.

The name Delicious Bologna is perfect to describe his tour. What I specifically enjoyed was that it is not just a food tour but also a 4 hour walk and talk in the city of Bologna! Knowing us through the online world beforehand, Mattia and us spoke a lot about quintessential Italy and regional food in general.

We had the chance to see the city through his eyes and completely adored Piazza Santo Stefano– which is imo one of the prettiest piazzas of Bologna!

Delicious Bologna: Piazza Santo Stefano
Delicious Bologna: Piazza Santo Stefano

But my favorite stop was the visit to a Pasta Factory where ladies were making tortellini by the minute! (X’Mas orders!) It was a treat to watch and respect their traditions.

Delicious Bologna: Mattia Tozzoli

If you plan to visit Bologna and are looking for complete immersion and experience, I highly recommend pre-booking with Delicious Bologna. Make this tour your start and I promise you won’t regret!!

Grazie mille, Mattia…. per tutto!

Delicious Bologna & Us


17 thoughts on “Delicious Bologna: More than just a Food Tour

  1. Bologna is a great city to visit. I remember our meal at Ristorante Diana in 2008, my first intor to Bolognese cuisine. Fantastico. The shops and markets are wonderful. Great post. Grazie.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful tour! Great post and photos.
    My friend lives in Bologna and always inviting me up so will visit when it’s a little warmer. I have no excuse living here not to visit!

  3. The first place I ever visited in Italy was Bologna. I would love to go back. This time I am going to look up Delicious Bologna before I go. Thanks for the suggestion.

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