Winter in Rome: 5 Things to Do

If you have been to Rome in other seasons apart from Winter, you would know what I mean when I associate it with long queues, waiting time to eat, pushing and shoving and high airfares. I mean I love visiting Rome any season of the year but Winter in Rome was an entirely different experience! Winter in Rome is not only more relaxed with fewer crowds (see any picture from summer) but also more prettier and pleasant. The maximum and minimum temperature in mid January was around 15 degree C and 6 degree C respectively. My friends from The Beehive and Personalized Italy created an enriching Blogger Retreat to see the best of Rome in Winter. This was the 4th edition. Read here for more.
Based on my experience, I’ve collated a list of 5 Things for you to do when you visit Rome in Winter. Enjoy!


Winter in Rome: 5 Things to Do


1. Spend an Evening at the Pincio: Imagine the sunset, St. Peter’s Basilica right in front of you, negligible crowds and music in the background. There can be nothing more romantic than that, right?? The Pincio Terrace is my new favorite place in Rome that has mind blowing views of the city! Not only can you see the layers of Rome but also visit it’s top attractions in no time (Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Via del Corso etc.)


Pincio gets it’s name from the Pincii family that occupied the area in 4th century A.D. Spend an evening on the terrace at Pincio and thank me later!


Winter in Rome: View from Pincio Terrace
Winter in Rome: The Spanish Steps

2. Take the Romantic Poets Timeless Inspiration with Context Travel: Winter in Rome means making maximum use of tours and guides that are otherwise fully booked in summer. Context Travel graciously offered their “Romantic Poets Timeless Inspiration” showing us Literature and Italy – my two best friends. It was indescribable learning about Keats and Shelley’s time in the eternal city. There was a long walk at the Non Catholic Cemetery at the graves of Keats, Shelley and Henry James’ heroine Daisy Miller followed by a visit to Pincio and Keats and Shelley’s Home at the Spanish Steps. Oh and it was also followed by a glass of champagne on the private terrace of Keats and Shelley! Not a bad way to celebrate Winter in Rome, right?? A special thanks to our guide Hillary for a great evening and who also informed us that Mick Jagger read Shelley’s poem Adonais in the memory of guitarist Brian Jones in 2014!

Winter in Rome: Champagne at the Spanish Steps
Winter in Rome: Tour with Context Travel

3. Book a tour with Foodies in Rome: Another great way to see Winter in Rome is taking a cooking class with Dominique from Foodies in Rome. An extremely warm and friendly person, Dominique knows the requirements of her clients well. By the end of the tour, I felt as if I was her friend. She arranged a superb pizza making class and took us to the legendary Forno in Campo de’ Fiori. We learnt how to make the best pizza al taglio with gurus Fabrizio Roscioli and Dino Bartocci. See the video below to get a taste of our pizza making class!

Winter in Rome: At Forno with the Masterchefs

4. Hop on a Vespa with Scooteroma: Another interesting thing to do in Rome in Winter is to be your own versions of Audrey Hepburn (s) thanks to the Scooteroma. We zipped past the Colloseum to the Baths of Caracalla before making our way to see the historic Appian Way. Fewer crowds makes a better experience no?? Curated by Annie and Giovanni from Scooteroma and their super cool and funky team, the vespa tour is a great way to see the lesser known sides of Rome. It was like being with a local and chatting about Rome and everything in between while driving past ancient monuments and learning about the history. A special thanks to Michelle-my Roman vespista who helped me with my Italian during the ride. Grazie tanto!

Winter in Rome: Vespa Tour with Scooteroma
Winter in Rome: Us with the Scooteroma crew (Thanks for the pic Annie!)

5. Go for a Wine Tasting Session with Antiqua Tours: Sarah May Grunwald- the passionate wine sommelier and the face behind Antiqua Tours is another great way to see Rome in Winter. She gave us a fun wine tasting session and told us about the region of Lazio (where Rome is) and it’s underrated wines. I thoroughly enjoyed the session because though I like drinking wine, I don’t know much about them. Sarah told us how Venetians spread the wines to the Black Sea, why there are bubbles in the wine, the history of the Etruscans and the different wines in the region. Loved the chat with Sarah and definitely want to meet her again for another tasting in Rome! Grazie Sarah!

Winter in Rome: Wine Tasting
Winter in Rome: Learning about wines from Lazio

Stay tuned for more on Winter in Rome. But in the meantime tell me, are you sold for a Winter in Rome??


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47 thoughts on “Winter in Rome: 5 Things to Do

  1. I don’t like crowds or high prices so I’m a fan of any time of the year considered off-season. The only caution is heat or the lack of it. Clearly, you were comfortable at the Beehive and you would be in a 4-star accommodation, but I have literally frozen in Rome staying in local’s apartments on the cusp season, when legally they couldn’t turn the heat on, or in places that just don’t crank it up. So just a precaution that you might need warm clothing, not so much for outside, but for inside…

    1. Oh I am sorry to know that! Thankfully I haven’t had problems anywhere this time whether at The Beehive or at my friends place or any of the other places.

  2. Ditto what Karen said! Years ago I went to Rome in Feb and my hostel had a broken window, cold showers, and I had a cold. Lol but I only remember the magic of Rome. That’s why it’s important to choose good accommodations and it sounds like you had a good one! And then pizza and wine tasting…those sound like great indoor activities to keep you warm during the winter!

  3. Your Winter in Rome experience sounds magical. I’ve visited in early January before and it was wonderful – just the right temp for those of us more used to cooler climes 😁. The Keats Shelley house is a lovely little oasis of calm, and I loved seeing all the little artefacts there from poets I’d studied at uni. It must have been magical to have that little private terrace to yourselves. I think I’ve read that it’s also possible to stay there, which must be a treat too!

    1. Thank you dear and also for following along all throughout. It was seriously very calm , I’ll have to check about the staying information though. Very neat!

  4. Couldn’t agree more about going in winter, I went in November one year and the weather was perfect, not too cold at all. I love the idea of doing a literature-inspired tour. Once on TV there was a great programme about Shakespeare’s time in Italy and Venezia especially – it was so interesting!! Xx

        1. I understand! I think I confused your plan with someone else who was supposed to be in Italy in the coming months. Nevertheless always good to know you are dreaming 😍

  5. You know I am sold! Wow, what amazing tours you were able to take, I would be thrilled to do any one, or all of them! 🙂 The photos are awesome too, amazing how much small the crowds are. I cannot wait to experience the bel paese in winter!!

  6. I haven’t been to that terrace yet, so thank you for that, but I noticed that you mention Lord Byron and Henry James in connection with the Non-Catholic Cemetery. I don’t think they are buried there.

    1. No no they aren’t! In fact Byron had drowned so I know he wasn’t. We read passages from their books and James’ Daisy Miller was buried there ..not him. Thanks for telling me to correct!

  7. Well, you’ve sold it to me… just need to find a babysitter now! 🙂
    I’ve only been in the summer, and both times it was sweltering hot and super crowded with tourists.
    Thanks for the great suggestions in your article.

  8. Great ideas! Rome has to be one of my favourite countries to visit. The food! Oh the food! I love the idea of the Vespa tour too – next time 🙂

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