Waking Up in 25Hours Hotel, Vienna

In my previous post I mentioned that it is the month to be grateful. One such place that highlights my gratitude is the 25Hours Hotel in Vienna. If you are looking for a place to stay in Vienna, look no more. Stay at the 25 Hours Hotel in Vienna and thank me later 😉


I had an extra hour here 😉


Located in the 7th District of the city, 25Hours Hotel is based on a circus theme. It has a strange name and an ugly building (from outside) but that should not put off. Stepping inside completely changes your impression because of its quirky interiors! 25Hours Hotel is a very offbeat travel experience in the heart of Vienna. A fun and vibrant hotel with a great service, it is only 5 minutes walk from a metro station and closest to the most oldest parts of the city.

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With eccentrically designed rooms, fancy upholstery and peculiar objects, the hotel ups its game with bathroom toiletries that read “Stop wasting the water when using me”. The dustbin is a steel bucket 😉

25Hours has ample space but their rooms are average sized unless you want to spend a bomb and splurge on a bigger room. For a single traveler like me, that average room was enough space. I loved the writing/reading desk in the room with a window (depending on the type of room you book) to see Vienna go by. There was a tram stop just below. My room had an interesting illustration, a fully stocked mini bar and a lovely view! I especially enjoyed it at night.



How quirky is this?


Only 2 metro stations away was Vienna’s iconic structure- the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. What more could one ask for?? The 25 Hours Hotel are a chain of hotels in many cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt. Latest news is that they are also opening in Paris and Florence!! I think for a short stay the 25 Hours Hotel chain is apt because of their location and service.

Did I mention they have a rooftop bar and a buzzing restaurant that makes a very cool place for the locals too!

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Food truck

Small things matter: I had to catch an early morning flight to Rome and the hotel staff was kind enough to arrange me a driver at 5 a.m. Since I was skipping breakfast, they even packed a fresh ham and cheese sandwich along with some fruits which saved me from the horrible flight food later on. That was a very nice touch!

Thanks to Mr. Roland Eggenhofer who was most kind to be connected with me during the stay. He even left me a goodies bag and a warm welcome note.

Room with a View
Tram stop
Picture Courtesy: Wien Info


25 thoughts on “Waking Up in 25Hours Hotel, Vienna

  1. I really have to thank you 😀 you cannot imagine how many times I asked myself what was the reason of that name 😀 I go to Vienna more times every year for my work, and I often walk in front of this hotel (there is also a quite good Italian restaurant close to it, in the same street), and every time I look at it and ask myself the same question 😀 but now I know the answer, thanks to you 🙂

  2. Ooh, another of my favorite cities. I lived here for a year ions ago – so glad you had a good visit. Don’t know this hotel, but it sounds good and the location is really convenient. Laughed at the Almdudler in your mini-bar. My kids are addicted to it. : )

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