A Day in the Baroque Town of Salzburg

Salzburg, the picture perfect town that most people connect with the movie The Sound of Music, literally means”salt fortress”. Its old world vibe and baroque architecture with the ever imposing Alps makes for a great vacation spot.

Salzburg is well known because Mozart was born here. And Mozart is everywhere in this town. You can see his orange colored home turned into a museum along with plenty of other things such as Mozart Cafe, a Mozart festival, a Mozart Library.…Not to forget the Mozart chocolates! They are quite something and worth sampling for the flight  back home.

The town is also loaded with several bars and restaurants like any European town. There are many over priced ones with extensive menu of local wines and schnitzel. But I had my reasonably priced share at Cafe Mozart. Delicious food in a quiet place.

Hello Salzburg!
I also say hello with a bookstore!
…..and Bialetti!
These charming streets
I love the greys
Details details
Yummy Mozart chocolates!
Salzburg is an artist’s dream
Traveled back in time
Local food?? Not so much
Grab a seat
Goldgasse- the main shopping street
Delicious schnitzel!
Cafe Mozart
EUR15 (return) on the funicular
But worth it for the views!
Empty this side
Imagine owning one of those villas by the river


Salzburg is best seen on foot but to get sweeping views of the town going to the top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress via a funicular is a must!! It is a well worth the money and also a breathtaking sight to see the town from above. There are many photographers lined up to get shots from that 900 year old fortress. While this baroque town might be ancient and historic, there is a trendy side to it too and that includes impressive modern art on the streets!

How to Reach Salzburg:
Salzburg is a doable day trip from Vienna but long-ish (about 2 hours, 40 mins one side). However, if you leave Vienna early morning you can take the last train back that leaves from Salzburg around 20:00. Check the latest schedule at WestBahn.

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27 thoughts on “A Day in the Baroque Town of Salzburg

  1. Salzburg is lovely. I was lucky enough to have a short teaching job there some years ago. Your beautiful photos brought it all back to me.

  2. Loved this, thanks for the pictures, I did a student elective in the Landes Krankenhaus many years ago. Also visited backstage in the Marionettentheatre which was an experience in itself!

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